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  1. Tried about 50 times to get my Streak into Fastboot mode. Just sits there waiting for usb FastBoot detect....
  2. Is anyone else having trouble connecting their Galaxy to a PC? I don't know whether mine is faulty or not. Downloaded the Samsung Kies software but when I plug in the Galaxy Windows is unable to find a MTP USB device driver and the phone refuses to connect. This happens on both XP and Windows 7. Also the Galaxy has a complete fit and keeps flashing between the home screen and MTP application screen while it's connected. And I don't get the usual Android option to mount for file transfer. Am I missing something?
  3. Mine absolutely was. First phone I've had in a long time where I've had to troll the internet looking for the APN settings before I could actually start using the phone. O2 came up in the list of networks but it didn't load any settings. First video I shot with it caused the phone to lock up necessitating a battery pull to get it going again. The screen calibration is off particularly on the back, menu, home and search icons, and typing is almost as annoying as the iPhone because of this. The colours are frankly awful, no photo actually looks anywhere close to reality, and the camera has the trademark HTC pink splodge midscreen. Apart from loading the media gallery, and the applications list, it isn't significantly quicker than the Motorola Milestone, which I've now returned to. This will either be on eBay or winging it's way back to Google, depending on whether I get my import duty cost back if I return it. I'm hoping the Xperia X10 is actually as good as it's starting to look. That's going to be my next purchase. Don't believe the hype, this is no "superphone".
  4. Definitely not. Had mine for 4 days now and it's horrible. I've gone back to the Milestone. Colour saturation on the Nexus One screen is dreadful, not one photo looks anywhere near the real colours. The screen calibration is way off, you have to tap higher than the icons on screen for back, home etc. and it's way too easy to catch the wrong keys on the on screen keyboard also. Mine locked up and required a battery pull to get it going again the first time I tried to play back a video. And the camera has the same big pink splodge in the middle that the HD2 had - seems to be becoming a trademark of HTC. It's faster than the Milestone when loading things like the Application manager but for everyday use it's not that much quicker. Haven't tried the Acer Liquid because of reports of unresponsive screen and poor build quality, but the Nexus One is definitely NOT worth the money. A "superphone" it ain't.
  5. One case. Has no clip. Just a pouch, very similar to the Sena leather ones for the iPhone. And mine came with a 2Gb card.
  6. 1. It did on my HD2 2. It didn't on my HD2
  7. Put it on my HD2. Landscape doesn't work, neither does multi-touch. Their video on the Opera 10 shows a setting for landscape view that isn't in mine, but they also say devices that support it should work. Opera 9 was fine.
  8. It's actually the 9th to 15th November.
  9. I'd be very interested to know where this setting is. If you're talking about the actual option in WinMo which is buried in settings>>menu>>all settings>>personal>>input>>options and has a tick box for "Capitalize first letter of sentence" it doesn't work in HTC's SMS app. It works in email, and disabling HTC's app and using the native WinMo one makes it work, proving that's it's a bug in HTC's app. As for lag, wait until you've got a few text messages built up then try to send an immediate reply to one. There's a delay which gets worse the longer the message list is. Looks nicer than the WinMo one but is much much slower.
  10. Mine smells and feels like leather. And it has loosened up nicely.
  11. As somebody who has an iPhone 3GS and an HD2 I can definitely confirm the HD2 is way more sensitive than the iPhone.
  12. I totally agree that HTC should have released a decent ROM. However you obviously have had some bad experiences with custom ROMs which has put you off. I've done a fair bit of flashing myself over the years also and haven't been put off. In fact it's the big saving grace for WinMo - the fact that there is such a thriving community dedicated to tweaking and improving (in most cases). Waiting around for official updates is incredibly tedious and often not worth the wait. And you don't always get the improvements you wanted anyway.
  13. Have now turned off HTC Sense and disabled the HTC messages in favour of the stock WinMo one. Having a much better experience. All the lag issues have disappeared, it seems they were connected to the crappy HTC Messages and Peep. Very much looking forward to getting 6.5.1 on here. This is one seriously fast piece of kit. Unfortunately HTC didn't spend enough time optimising their new UI.
  14. No. But that won't stop word prediction coming and going at random or the ludicrous amount of lag when trying to reply to a text message. I've pretty much given up on it for now as it's too frustrating to use. Love the hardware but this HTC Sense is pretty abysmal. In a couple of weeks there should be some decent ROMs to have a go at.
  15. The positive is all of the problems are fixable. If not by HTC then there are a lot of extremely talented people out there who will no doubt be beavering away on custom ROMs even now. Also there may be a possibility of getting Android running on it. I'm just annoyed at being asked to stump up £500 to beta test a device that really should be rock solid out of the box. And given HTC's track record with WinMo updates, it may be a while before they get around to doing anything about the problems.
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