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  1. Exactly... I sail both. I bought myself an HD2 and a NexusOne for my girlfriend, so I have them both. I must admit that after 3 days with WM on HD2 I made the first try with Android... and I have never turned back to WM. WM 6.5 is lame on the HD2, it doesn't appreciate the hardware on which it runs. Even MS dumped the idea of making a WM 7 that would support it - Idiots ! HD2 is big... it requires some time to get used to the size, but the ported Android ROM simply makes it shine.
  2. It's unfortunately far from flawless. I've tried today the ported android 2.2 from the Russian forum quoted above. It took a while to set up. Mostly the problem of arranging the SD card. Then some 2-3 unsuccessful boots and then finally Android loaded. (it was funny how the screen was split into two) What you get is to witness Android in slow motion. The touch screen sensitivity is not good. You need to really press hard sometimes. It's quite obvious the CPU can't handle the pressure... the phone heats up within a minute, and still the CPU can't react fast enough to the touches. The Keyboard included is of HTC, and it's a bit offsets from the screen. Barely managed to go through the initial Setup. WiFi didn't work for me (although they claim it does in their forum). GSM for sure not. Sound I didn't experience at all. At some point I got tired trying to wait for the screen react. All in all, a nice attempt. I would keep my eyes if they progress, wish them best of luck. Most important will be that they make sure not to burn the CPU. I send my 12 points to the Russian team to further their progress.
  3. Hey, I just did the first step in switching to HD2. I just bought an HD2 an hour ago. I already know I don't like the current ROM. I will try to switch to Android. But before I do that, can someone direct me to ROM sites other than xda-developers ? For omnia modaco was a good source of roms, what are the good sources for HD2 ? Thanks.
  4. In the zip there's the WeatherFix.cab that you need to apply. It makes it possible to update the weather 90% of the times I tried.
  5. Thanks for "ROM i900 WM 6.1 CE OS 21057 with M2D V2" 12 hours after flashing and I like it... I got so tired from the 6.5.x releases... they are simply running slow. (Tried all on this forum) This WM 6.1 is working faster than 6.5.x and it has the M2D V2 and some OmniaLite apps. Thanks again.
  6. The newer S2U2 versions have a flag "over take system lock" somewhere in the settings (I think in advanced) And you need to disable the setting "lock device on wake up" in the "settings->personal->buttons->wake up" and then you rarely get a double lock.
  7. I myself never got it to work in the UI. I simply modified the registry directly under the A_C\S2U2
  8. I can seem to get a GPS fix with NDrive. What GPS settings do you use ? What coordinates ? I have iGO8 getting a fix with-in a few seconds.
  9. After flash - hardreset and softreset after XA finished I can't get more than an empty screen Manilla failes to load. M2DTP failes ofcourse. Can't type password to wifi Can't choose any other today screen S2U2 doesn't start (only once after reset) switching back to a workable rom.
  10. Tried it. Looking nice But I couldn't get it to work too much... it got stuck every now and then during working with it. In 20 minutes I had to reboot 4 times. :-(
  11. Before the official release of WP7S, everybody likes WP7S theme. Jaxbot from xda has given us a chance for a glimpse of how a WP7S looks like in our device. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=645896 I don't have the time to try it on Omnia but I wonder if anyone else tried
  12. You run this exe on a PC while the phone connected via activeSync. But I am not sure if you should bother, I tried it and for me it doesn't identify the guitar tones :-(
  13. Ock, once again (M2D 25001) another great creation of yours that I simply can't resists flashing. Keep up this great work.
  14. I'd like to suggest OCK's WM6.5 Roms Build 23093 to the list STABILITY 10 SPEED 10 RESPONSIVENESS 8 (required some tuning with FavoriteHacks to bring it to 9.5) FREE PROGRAM MEMORY 10 (I would even say 12!! because for M2D it's superb) COOKED APPS 9 (the required is there, it had a slight failure to run all UC) DESIGN 10 ISSUES (major/minor) Not issues for now
  15. Great ROM, so far I don't even get to the Manila "crashing" due to lack of memory. Thanks OCK you made my omnia experience more stable.
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