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  1. Ok I translate him :) : He cant get to the internet over USB (when contected to PC using ActivSync) Conection to the internet works for him using SIM-Card "only" (I think he uses the your latest JE1/4.2 ROM) U are welcome ;)
  2. Thx - I am using already JD3 Version - just wanted edit some playlist (add some other Mp3s to the existing playlist) but it look to be more complicated as expected :P Anyway - touch player seems to be since JD3 much better (folder view) How to teach TouchPlayer to jump to the certain folder when going into folder view? (by default the prog jumps to the root folder) Midimal
  3. Hi everybody tried to find out where touch player saves the playlists (registry or files) - but couldnt find anything... Who can help me out? midimal
  4. I dont see anything special. My omnia runs much faster/smoother
  5. I would say wrong topic :huh: THis one is called: I8000NXXJD3 LITE 20100420
  6. Ah comon how many MB do u losse - maybe 5MB? ;))))))) so what - u still have over 200MB free. The RAM is there to be used and not to watch on it ;)))
  7. Just to inform you Samsung allows only to use Opera 9.7 or lower to get stuff from their homepages (from your omnia) If u use Opera 10 they block (lets say if u want to get widgets ) with error message: incorrect device! If u use Opera10 beside Opera 9.7 (and 9.7 as a main browser) u are fine As i wrote before - just install Opera 10 into "Main Memory" and keep 9.7 as default browser (or IE) Ciao
  8. What is the benefit to set Pagepool to 0MB when Samsung sets it to 15MB? I mean there must be the reason for settings >0MB I mean u can google internet and find out what pagepool is good for - i dont think 0MB is a good idea ;)
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