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  1. sounds interesting... does anybody know what is the difference to the M3000 ?
  2. look for a better editor software! or just use the simple search/find function in your notepads....
  3. 01/28/2006: New Update! a few little changes and improvements: :arrow: 2 new System-Screens (MSClog, MSSYNCAPP) :arrow: all System-Screens have been reworked (i.e. removing of the color-ranges due to the low 16bit color depth of the smartphones - for a better look!) :arrow: Timing of Shutdown improved Download: see Download Section !!!
  4. never trust a "xml coder", especially not if his name is 'voltage' :) he dont know what he is doing or saying... you have to understand: he is currently sitting in a psychiatry and is the opinion that he is a famous xml coder and all other people in the world are assholes...! :-" for using your prog instead the FACADE task manager search for: <!-- Facade Plugin: Tasks --> <plugin clsid="{C49CEC80-D445-407C-AA72-C263EDBBAC96}" id="FacadeTasks" type="Tasks" height="200"> <background b-border-width="0"> <format state="selected" x="60" y="77" w="99" SelectionColor="#808080" bgcolor="transparent" bgimage="\Storage\Application Data\Home\XP-SP2k3\XP-SP2k3-tasks.gif" valign="bottom"/> </background> </plugin> and replace it with this one: <!-- Facade Plugin: Launcher Tasks+ --> <plugin clsid="{C49CEC80-D445-407C-AA72-C263EDBBAC96}" id="FacadeLauncher5" type="Launcher" LargeIcons="0" height="200"> <background b-border-width="0"> <format state="selected" x="60" y="77" w="99" SelectionColor="#808080" bgcolor="transparent" bgimage="\Storage\Application Data\Home\XP-SP2k3\XP-SP2k3-tasks.gif" valign="bottom"/> </background> <Buttons> <Button action="Run" command="\Storage\Program Files\Geotrend\Tasks+.exe" image="" /> <Button type="Run" command="\Storage\Program Files\Geotrend\Tasks+.exe" image="" /> </Buttons> </plugin> PLEASE NOTE: as the background image and other graphics was intended to be used with the facade task manager it will not fit properly with your "Tasks+" tool nor will you have a matching icon. moreover you will loose the task display view. maybe for a better solution see the "Facade" forum!
  5. there must be an error in your edited file. please check my readme file again and be sure not to use "[" and "]". this signs are only symbols cause the text interpreter of the modaco forum is quite sensitive so i could not use the correct signs. use this ones instead "<" ">". this are standard definitions, see also the .xml file. (PS: inside my readme file it is 100% correct explained.)
  6. my HS is not responsible for removing your entry lists of the "remove progs" section. this must be another error reason. check your dir "\Storage\windows\AppMgr" for removing the sound of my HS just uninstall the SSSplugin or/and delete the "sounds" dir of my HS. if you dont like the system screens edit your registry entries. for more info how to do it look at the forum.
  7. @dpmatthes: if you want to have "fahrenheit" temp display of the monitorplugin just change the CELSIUS parameters to FAHRENHEIT! replace line 314-316 with this: <thermometer x="55" y="175" image-max="\Storage\Application Data\Home\XP-SP2k3\images\temp-full.bmp" image-min="\Storage\Application Data\Home\XP-SP2k3\images\temp-empty.bmp" bar-direction="left-right" temperature-min="50" temperature-max="110" transparent-color="#FFFFFF"/> <temperature x="58" y="175" color="#000000" units="F" scale="1">{temperature}º</temperature> <text x="100" y="175" color="#000000">Fahrenheit</text>
  8. as i have no phone with WM5 i dont know if i am doing that. moreover most phones coming with WM5 have also a higher resolution - so it wont fit either!
  9. thats not correct! i dont overwrite anything! the default themes (any kind of) stay on you phone. you can always switch back to them by choosing from the list in the settings menu of your phone! (i only place it in the settings to be immediately used. this is at least the sense of installing a new HS: to use it!) you have deleted my HS .xml file! (you have wrote this yourself!) so what do you edit??? => the wrong .xml file?!? as it stands in my readme file and in the starting thread my HS is called "XP-SP2k3.home.xml" (as everything else of my HS is called "XP-SP2k3", moreover it stands in the title and headline, therfore you should know of!) if you want to have the HS removed, why dont you use the "uninstalling" or "removing programs" routines of your phone?!? (i have even noted that in my thread and readme file: how to uninstall! why dont you follow these instructions?) if you had chosen that my HS would have been smoothly removed without wondering that it is still on your phone! ...are you doing this on your PC the same? deleting one main file of a program and then thinking off "i have removed it"! ...and you call yourself an .xml coder?!? :)
  10. that's what i have wrote in my first post: -------------------------------------------------- possibly several reasons: - wrong editing of the .xml file => THE FIX STANDS IN THE README FILE AND IN START THREAD - IF YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT YOU CAN FIX THAT TO HAVE WMPLAYER WORK (WITHOUT PLUGIN!!!). IF YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG AS YOU DID, IT WONT WORK. IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND THAT? - removing of code which is needed => YOU HAVE DELETED THE HOMESCREEN FILE "XP-SP2k3.home.xml". SO WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? DO YOU WANT TO EDIT WHAT YOU HAVE YOURSELF DELETED? - wrong path of the wmplayer => WHY DONT YOU CHECK THIS? YOU SHOULD HAVE POSTED THE CORRECT PATH HERE SO WE CAN HELP YOU TO CHANGE THAT! solution: please check all things, be sure what you are doing, compare the original xml file with your modified one, try again! => AGAIN HELP AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOU TO GET AN IDEA HOW YOU CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS! --------------------------------------------------- ...AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING? - you dont post any further info! - you dont post what you have done! - you are doing nothing except: CALLING ME AN "ASSHOLE"! #-o ...was soll das?!?
  11. @voltage: it is always nice to see what kind of people exist in this world - also in this forum! you have shown everyone here who is in fact the real "jack ass"! you are unable to communicate, you are unable to describe your problems, your are unable to know what you are doing and what you say! (mostly all other people can do this as you can see here in other posts...) but you are indeed able to offend people who want to help you - thank you! you are a really great man!!! -> so piss off and dont come ever again for any help or anything from me!
  12. ...the 'ideas' stand above. if you are not willing to understand and to do that - nobody can help you! as you wrote you have edited the .xml file (and it is also clear which .xml file is mentioned cause there is only one - so dont blame us!), but you have done something wrong - that's obviously!!! if you do the editing right, it will work 100% !
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