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  1. 6 Axis.. wow thats 6-D!!!! perceive dimensions in gaming not yet available in reality! I kid i kid. on a more serious note, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SvXljHGcH4...eos=gRe4WCgyhig Omar Khan claims that the european version of the galaxy S has 6 axis gaming. Much alike the iphone 4.
  2. I've got a zenus case coming in.. I bought it last sunday, and its still not shipped yet.. good case, but poor distributor I reckon..
  3. will magnetic buttons/closures cause a problem for the phone? Like capacitative screen uses electromagnetism or something to detect touch, will the magnets interfere with this?
  4. I wonder if this will be released for international markets =( I'm in australia and I would definately prefer this over the original Galaxy S xD I highly doubt it though, since AT&T and T-mobile have their own version of the Galaxy S too.
  5. the hd2 isnt as smooth as i had imagined.. whilst trying one out at a local phone shop.. for me.. i'm holding out for the upcoming Samsung i9000 Galaxy S :P Super AMOLED!!! :(
  6. Try this: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...disonnect-gprs/ It automatically disconnects your connection when nothing is using it, and when u need to use it again, you don't need to worry about fiddling with settings for your phone to connect, just connect as normal :D
  7. Try installing resco explorer.. it'll do the job. As for the lite phonebook/contacts/call log, steff doesn't cook them in and tries to keep his ROMs as lite as possible because that way any user can install whatever they want and everyone can be satisfied. As you said, some of us prefer to use the lite/II dialier skin, but maybe some of us don't, so if steff cooked them in, some of us might not be happy because it cant be removed.
  8. I know it was an example, but i think that all omnia's after february had the new digitizer. You can read about this in the HOW TO MOUNT A NEW TOUCH PANEL thread, which is sticky'd at the top of the forum. All the new omnias recently do ship with the new digitizer, as they only have the new digitizers left (or choose to only use them). Because at the service center they replaced my digitizer with the one they put into the new omnias, which is the sensitive kind.
  9. oops! My bad! I thought it was the white empty space, but i guess it was the program list. It was somewhere on the screen, just couldnt remember exactly where. Sorry bout that guys. I'm now bout to test out SRS WOW HD. I'm a bit worried about the chance of it screwing up my omnia. If it does come down to that and i have to hard reset, would a complete backup/restore from Sprite Backup/SPB Backup restore everything back to my omnia? Sorry if it's a bit off topic.
  10. Yes, they do :) I believe all phones after that date are sold with the new digitizers. I myself have had my omnia's digitizer replaced at the samsung service centre with a new digitizer :)
  11. Really simple :) I had this exact problem too. So you want to add shortcuts of your applications to Md2, but you only see those 5 programs when you try to add? Okay, simply scroll up from the white space (flick up from the white space between start bar and the programs with your finger/fingernail/stylus) and your other programs will be there.
  12. Maybe the camera app is trying to access touch player, but it's not there. Try to install touch player if you havent already. That's my thought on the problem, hope it helps!
  13. yup, I understand, but I think my calibration data didnt suit 6.5's interface as good as yours. My presses didnt seem as accurate :) but anyway, Thanks! :) Edit: It's working better now :)
  14. steff, would it be possible to post the default calibration data from your 28002 roms? I think after I tweaked the registry with my own calibration data, the phone seems less sensitive :) It started with 508... and I couldn't remember the rest :) Cheers!
  15. okay, for those of you thinking bout restoring your registry from a backup file after a new flash, don't do it! It doesn't work! My phone is stuck on the samsung omnia screen now >< Edit: Fixed it by performing a hard reset ><
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