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  1. LOL i know that its just interferance but this happens when ur getting a call etc including just when the phone is communicating with the mast to let it know its still there and i think this may cause the screen comin on seems like it with mine anyway
  2. Mine does it aswell But i think its somthing to do with reception, u see with o2 when its checking the reception to see if the phone is still there you hear it beepin if its near speakers and sometimes the screen turns on aswell if u know what i mean.
  3. Doesnt answer my question but thanks what a crackin little program gives me even more choice! Thanks
  4. Tried using a text to sound converter but its sounded sooo crap and usin my own voice wud just be weird!!!
  5. Try this cab if you want it sets everything up for you automatically. O2_UK_Contract_JAM.CAB
  6. Hey I have just done the reg deit on here http://www.pocketpctweaks.com/ to enable custom low battery sounds but cant find a good one. I wanted a voice saying somthing like "HEY CHARGE ME!!!!" or "Plug me in baby!" Anyone any ideas?
  7. Yup thats right but going through the website email thing doesnt work, i sent numerours ones but never got a reply so i rang them up the guy asked me the security questions then gave me my username, password and pin. Simple!!!!
  8. I f it says 11mps this means its connected too a b network, if it connected to a g network then it comes up saying auto in the same box.
  9. what app did you use to stream your mp3s??
  10. I was just wondering how people are taking advantage of the wifi?? My uses so far are obviously too see whos on MSN while im downstairs save my legs!! And too stream Manchester key 103 so i can have a little dance in the batchroom in the morining. The only way i have found too do this is grab the link off the internet paste it into a txt file and put that on my 9100 so i just open the text file and click the link which automatically opens it in mediaplayer. There must be an easier way, does anyone know of an app which i can edit a list of radio staions and have a list of them in the app??
  11. Found this interesting story. Story Now i have a 9100 and thought OH CRAP!! So i tested it on both a B only Network and a G only network, thank God it connected on both!!! What are your thoughts and discovery especially you vario users!!!
  12. Just had too share my excitment I just got PTvncHiRes workin on my qtek over wifi and im well impressed! If you need sunit to show it off use this controlling your whole pc and watching on the monitor is weird and very impressive especially when you start opening and controlling apps like itunes!
  13. Ah right Whats that about the o2 contract settings? is that for gprs and mms settings? If so i have been trying too set them up for ages with no luck if you have the time could you send that o2 contract.cab too me please?
  14. Hey ive read about that the kjam installs a load of crap when you 1st turn the device on, which u can stop by soft resetting. But i remember my qtek installing stuff at the same point. Is this the same does the qtek install a load of rubbish like the kjam? if so would u recommend doing a hard reset and stopping that installation process?
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