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  1. yea, the one from MS official website doesn't work for me too the one i found from a chinese website works: http://www.ankty.com It's a chinese version though.... <_<
  2. Alright, i figure out myself with the fix here on the date & alarms Replace these files here: My Storage/Program Files/ThrottleLauncher/setups/ConceptFS/ Appointment...still need help for this home.xml lock.xml
  3. Hi, i just dl this theme (first timer to TL in fact) and counter the same issue with the date, please share with me how to rectify this, thanks 3 more questions: alarms doesn't trigger anything? how to make this work don't understand how the button "Appointment" works how to show directly the calender instead of status like "No upcoming appointments" like the one here http://www.throttlelauncher.com/forum/atta...mp;d=1246664022
  4. First timer for pointUI, here's some of my findings: 1. disabling the UI in setting/home/item doesn't work instantly, cant change back to original titanium easily.. 2. title under the icons are ugly, can this be tuned? or disable it to show only icon? 3. it's fast, gonna dig deep to find out more tuning to make this my second UI when i get bored with titanium
  5. noob question: all 6.5rom with samsung dialer issue inherently? and that's why all choose to disable it? Phone dialer has slower response, idialer would be a solution but it has minor bug, i still prefer samsung dialer...
  6. Hi TS, i don't have m2d either, do u need one to work with this?
  7. Yours overwrite the original "contact" as it launches "phonebook" whenever i exucute either "contact" or "phonebook" from the start menu/today's btm bar/dialpad's phonebook; while the omnia lite dialer i got from sector has a "phonebook" included that's able to coexist with the original "contact". this is similar to the original phonebook+contact from the original package. i prefer the origianl "contact" as it doesn't requires me to press the search button on the top to do the job, phonebook's gui is nicer though. btw, i'm using a bt handsfree and noticed that the loudspeaker is not an option during a call (but call log is shown instead). Without bt handsfree the speaker option works fine with the fix mentioned on post#7, is there a way to fix this too?
  8. too bad flash is not supported, still :)
  9. Thanks pal, it works (with flashlite 3.1 installed - it wont work without this, wonder why this is needed as i thought the rom is flashlite ready :/) but performance wise IE with WMP is faster, do you know a way (registry change?) to make the IE browse with desktop mode instead of mobile? Option>Others>Browse website as desktop computer doesn't work.
  10. i'm working on the same thing, hope to get the same result as i had with s0cks' 6.1 rom tried several versions of opera and lastly found a working one: Opera_v9.5_build_15828 Omnia.cab but you need to install the flashlite 3.1 to make this working. Here's where i get the cabs from: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...ons-repository/
  11. Yes streaming video is working by using IE (with wmp), but not for opera...how can i get opera to work as well? i've tried few different version but still no luck :)
  12. Hi guys, is the rom preinstalled with flash? possible to do streaming flash video with IE? If not, where can i get a working flash.cab?
  13. May i know what does the BT-fix FIX? voice command? that's all? Will there be anything wrong with BT headset / BT sync with notebook without the BT-fix? i'm using KC's BT fix ROM, so far so good.
  14. yes i'm seeing this instability too, re-open the program would solve the issue
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