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  1. This is exactly how it works for normal plastic cards with PayPass (no PIN required when paying this way). Here in Poland quite lots of credit card terminal have Paypass interface and the limitation is that you can use Paypass only when amount you have to pay is lower then about 15 USD. That's why I have not started the application when paying (this is also what Google claims should work) but I will try to do that next time. Update: I've just returned from shop. Now it worked ;).
  2. I will do that next time. Google Help says that when doing payment I don't need to have application open that's why I didn't start it before a try.
  3. Hello, I've installed the APK, registered an account, got 10 free bucks. However when I came to shop and try to pay using PayPass the terminal wrote on screen to pass the card to shopkeeper ;). I had to pay with regular money. Do I need to start Google Wallet (and enter PIN at start) before I start to pay?
  4. This is because of upgrading Facebook to the newest version. It breaks integration with Friends Stream (the same with Twitter for HTC Sense).
  5. I had battery drain on ki3 but after wiping baterry stats and a few recharges everything is back to normal. After 20 hours of not too extensive usage (wifi enabled for 7 hours, gps for 15 minutes, voice talk for 20 and half an hour of web browsing I still have 70% of battery.XXKI3 is officialy available in KIES so it was rather well tested by Samsung.
  6. Just to let know: I've just rooted my device with XXKDI firmware (26th of April :mellow:) using boot Paul's image from XWKDD and SuperOneClick root. Everything works fine!
  7. You need to S-Off your device and then resize partition (there's a thread on XDA in Desire DEV section with instruction how to do that). This way you can shrink SYSTEM partition and extend DATA. This is how I've done and now I don't need to bother with app2sd anymore.
  8. qbus


    For the future - you can always S-ON device without need of sdcard by flashing original RUU executable with bootloader from PC.
  9. Moving whole /data to SD is final solution but you need very fast card for that (CLASS 10 preffered).
  10. We could move /data/data to SD as well but as I read somewhere this solution causes problems. Partial solution is to move some of the biggest application data directories from /data/data to sd and create symlinks for them (this is what I've done and it works).
  11. I tried that but I got "installation unsuccessfull". But I found apk file for new Gmail 2.3 in my /sdcard/downloads folder, replaced /system/app/Gmail.apk with new one (in recovery mode) then installed from Market GMail again to /data/app, booted to recover and deleted /system/app/Gmail.apk (this step is not needed). Now I have newest 2.3 on /data/app which is upgradable through Market.
  12. As I wrote before - this is OK, however I would do that in steps: 1. Update to 2.10 2. Update HTC Sense This is because porting new Sense could lead to bugs which we are not aware yet and not everyone wants to have new Sense until it will be stable :)... and what was always motto of Pauls' ROM is stability and being as close to stock as possible.
  13. I think that this is only your feeling. The A2SD fix does not tune or modify r/w operations to sdcard. It just removes auto detection of which partition is FAT32 on your SD card. You can cook Facebook app in kitchen, then go into Zip file and remove Facebook.apk file in /system/app :-).
  14. I'm using the newest update (17th of September) and I haven't noticed any slowdowns or battery drains.
  15. IMHO at least one thing should be done before doing this (if it's even possible - see Paul's twitts) is upgrade to 2.10.
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