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  1. It is his choice. If the most of the users were like you, I will understand him if he do not release anything at all.
  2. The hs++ theme is perfect. Personally I would like only the most necessary tabs /calls, sms, calendar/. Please, consider providing it as a cab also :D Also, can the acuweather.com title be removed?
  3. It is not fault. As OCK said it is a behaviour. It is meant to be in that way.
  4. Nice to have another cooker. Good luck. I don't see screens of the ROM?
  5. Excellent work :) I like the M2D theme very much. Is it possible the weather icon to be smaller so that to fit in the transparent clock tab? This is just a suggestion, not demand, of course.
  6. Come on Mureta. Don't let the troll win. Wish you best luck to you and your family. Thank you.
  7. ame90, Which part of this you did not understood? Seems that mureta has deleted all the links to his ROMS. Now this community is officialy out of active cookers. Are you happy?
  8. Thank you very much. I will try the widget ROM asap :D
  9. Hi Steff, I have tested your first version of the 21686 rom. It was really nice ROM with very good battery life. Since my omnia is already more than 2 years old, the battery is important to me. I've used a lot m2dv2 but seems that it consumes a lot of the battery life /including on my favourite 6.1 rom/ ;) What interface do you use on 21686 and is it good for battery? I think that you mentioned before that you are WAD fan. If so, what theme gives you good battery life. I want to try ver.2 of the ROM installing the interface that the cooker of the ROM uses and most probably tested during cooking of the ROM. Regards.
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