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  1. Does anyone know how to stop ALL buttons from waking the device up? I'd like to limit it to just the original screen lock key on the top right. Currently any button wakes the device up.
  2. Nope. I'm using JJI csc, phone, and eboot. All can be found in a separate topic within the ROM sub section, and my phone works just fine. Used both Energy and GTX
  3. I've created my own wallpapers for use with my own Samsung Omnia 2. I thought that I'd share them here; perhaps some of you might also enjoy them. The colors are inspired by nature's own. All are are sized for WVGA screens in both portrait and landscape. Enjoy.
  4. When you insert your SIM into your O2, does the phone actually tell you that there is not a SIM card present? If the phone cannot read your SIM, the the phone will tell you that the SIM isn't present at all, and you will see an X or some other symbol in your status bar. If there is not a "NO SIM" message, then chances are that your phone does read the SIM, but isn't picking up a network signal. Give these a looksie... go to Samsung Settings, and Network Settings. Make sure that NETWORK OPTIONS is set to AUTOMATIC. If it already is, then try setting to MANUAL and then select your network. Also you can go to BAND OPTIONS, and make sure that the setting is also AUTOMATIC. One way or the other, this should work unless there is a genuine problem with the phone's receiver.
  5. I got bored one evening and used Photoshop to create some of my own wallpapers. The colors themselves are inspired by nature's own. Perhaps some of you might also enjoy them. I have included jpegs for both portrait and landscape. If I have more time, I might make some more. Enjoy! SORRY! POSTED TO WRONG SECTION. PERHAPS A MOD CAN MOVE IT OVER TO THE CORRECT FORUM, PLEASE?
  6. Hi Francis, I flashed the MAR 21 Energy 29017 ROM and so far it seems far better than the GTX MAR 16 ROM. Also, your second registry tweak for XTRA does indeed work. Perhaps you can answer this next question... How do I disable the HTC sub menus and re-enable the default Windows sub-menus? They look much better than the plain looking HTC menus. Is it even possible with this ROM? See attached for reference. Thanks!
  7. Some apps like my Navigation app, can bottleneck the system. Sometimes, it will just freeze the PDA and require a restart of the device. Sense will also relaunch itself, although I really haven't figured out why. CHT editor has a tendency to error out when making edits, which also requires a reboot before it will work again. Heck, it took three flash attempts to get this one working right. First time, some of the HTC windows were really pixelated. Second attempt, the dialer was completely disabled. Anyway, I'm not complaining because I've flashed and used enough custom ROMs to know that not a single one is going to be perfect.
  8. Tried that one a couple of times already. Registry values are what they should be, but XTRA is still on. Funny thing is that I can turn XTRA off, leave the menu, return, and then it's on again. I actually have this problem with a few different settings on the phone so I think that it's either intentional or a bug. Anyway, I'm going to flash one of the MAR 21 ROMs. Maybe that will fare better. Like I said already, it's a great ROM concept, but the crashes are a bit too much, too often.
  9. Using GTX 29017 Mar 16. Does anyone else have a problem with Sense and OS crashes? I have them at least three to five times a day. Also, the XTRA feature keeps turning itself back on no matter what - even with a registry edit to keep it off. Does anyone know if this is on purpose? Otherwise it is a great ROM, it has brought a new aesthetic to my phone.
  10. Using GTX - WOW! Couple of questions... Why does my data connection turn on whenever I reboot my phone? My weather and email update settings are to manual. Is the Autorotation feature disabled completely from this rom? If not, how can I enable it again? Great stuff, guys!
  11. Is there a reason why the months and some of the messages are in Dutch? How can I change it to English?
  12. There's an app out there called Signal from Alloysoft that will turn your WinMo phone into an iTunes remote. It will work on both PC and Mac, without the need for an Airport Express or Airtunes. The app is simple. It installs software on your PC that acts as a server, and then on your phone. When the two link up - that's it. You can control iTunes from anywhere via your existing Wifi connection. I found this app after searching around for an alternative to Airtunes.
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