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  1. Nice... aftercoming from AOKP on DHD.... Must have... but must wait for camera....
  2. Downloaded!!! Flashed... Edit: sorry to say.... but this ROM is not stable!
  3. Good to hear punky... i'll see u on the other side :)
  4. is this also compatible with WVGA....? just sold me Omnia... got an HD2 awaiting.... hihi
  5. Man!!! Where were your eyes on??????????? [ROM][WWE][x.11.09][WM6.5.1]l3v5y Leo Clean ROM (Coming soon) Link [Windows Mobile 6.5.1] WIP - Eugenia ROM Project for HTC HD2 Link There are loads more... Android you want? people r workin on it!!! [DEV] ANDROID/MAEMO/LINUX on HTC Touch HD2 Link And csupka91.... never get a two year contract!!! i never...! I always get a new one each year, so that way i get the latest!! So if next year is WinMo 7, whether the HD2 is compatible with it or not... just get a new one. o... and something else... i was expecting more people to step over to HD2....
  6. Sorry to say but i sold my Omnia... Ordered and waiting *UPDATE - I got it!!!!* for the HTC HD2... Loved the ROMs over here, especially sector's!! But it's time to move on. I was also wondering.... anymore of you guys and gals also waiting or already owning a HD2????? Shout it out loud!!!
  7. Yo Sector!!!!! I have to leave u and the rest of u guys and gals.... I just sold my Omnia. Had a great time with your ROM's, and i hope that u had a couple of beer's from the few donations i made. Ow and btw... i ordered the HTC HD2!!!! (looks a little bit like the Omnia, only bigger.... hihi) Hope 2 see u @ XDA.... if u get one too... kurniawan....77
  8. Wrong answer Sec.. Take a look @ your Titanium_240x400. cpr file... <Image ID="Background".... Top="-18" But hey, I'm using Win7 titanium... not Neo Another 2 ct...
  9. yo Sec... Haven't flashed it yet, charging me omnia @ the moment, but thanx for your work man... Once again... bought u some beer.... 27D899844B9084521..... 2 the newbie's..... stop nagging about this not work, that don't work, when is new rom coming, new build, bla,blabla.... Don Hate sector.... DONATE sector!!! Keep this topic clean...
  10. it is meant to be that way i think.... like u say, the phone is locked, so hard buttons r switched off. keep in mind that it is a lockscreen!!! even when the phone is ringing,!! it's still named as lockscreen. u need to slide t answer... this way it will never answer the phone when it's in your pocket.
  11. Sectorrrr.... which HTC did u have in mind. I think i'll wait for the "Leo"....
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