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  1. Hi, I have an MDA Vario, and I've been trying of late to get it to connect to my newly installed home WiFi. Both PCs in the house connect to the signal fine. I've installed some hack I found on this forum that's supposed to free up the Vario to work with different kinds of networks: http://www.modaco.com/content/htc-wizard-w...zards-it-works/ To set up the connection, I've gone to the "connections" tab in settings, then to "network cards", which gives me a list of local signals, including the one I wish to connect to. I've gone into the settings for this connection, selected the correct authentication and data encryption methods (WPA-PSK and TKIP respectively) and entered the network key. However, when I clicked connect it tries for a few seconds and then just flips to "unavailable". I previously had the phone set up to work with a WiFi signal and VPN from an employer that I no longer work for, but I can't remember how I went about doing that. It's possible i'm still using these connection settings somehow. Can anyone help me out? Cheers, Matt
  2. Yes I can drop dynamite. However, I'm playing on the MPX 200 and after trawling this thread I realised there's some conflict with pressing that key combo on the MPX. It seems to cancel out.
  3. It's a great looking game, but I can't seem to shoot (although the other commands all work OK). Do you not start with the gun?
  4. Anyone know if there is/will be an upgrade? It seems idiotic to me that the MPX-200 was release with Smartphone 2002 just a few short weeks before 2003 was available.
  5. mattdp

    phone re-locked?

    I don't have GPRS on the phone, just a normal dialup connection that works fine. It certainely worked when I unlocked the phone the first time. I've tried both locking and unlocking the phone to no effect: although the web page goes through fine (it recognises the phone number and IMEI) the phone receives no messages and still won't run unsigned apps. I found this is the detailed unlocking instructions. I presume that it's what happened to my phone. If so, does anyone else have any information about this? http://www.developers.orange.com/tipsandhi...ES_LOCKED_AGAIN
  6. Hi, My phone appears to have re-locked itself having once most certainely been unlocked. Going through the standard Orange unlock procedure has had no effect. Any other way I can unlock my phone and access my favourite applications?
  7. mattdp

    Storage Card Access Problem

    I tried what you suggested (rebooting without the card in, and then with it in) and it's made no difference whatsoever. Interestingly at the moment it seems to be coming up with "digital certificate" errors for "unofficial" programs that aren't on the storage card. The phone is unlocked, but now I can only run trusted software it seems. Should I send the damn thing back to Orange, or wait for the SPV2 to come out? :)
  8. mattdp

    Storage Card Access Problem

    I didn't deactivate the GPRS. I've had the phone since release day and this is the first time I've ever seen the "G" ... I didn't ask for GPRS when I originally signed up for the phone. I do try ejecting and re-inserting the card. It never works. In fact, it usually crashes the phone. Sometime a reset works, but often it takes several resets before the phone will pick up the programs on the card.
  9. Hi, I've started to have a lot of problems with the storage card in my SPV. It's a 128MB SD RAM card from integral (www.integralmemory.com). What's happening is that when I try to access files on the card, they fail with a vareity of interesting excuses. At the moment I'm being told that they can't be run because they don't have a digitally trusted certificate. At other times I'm told they can't run becuase the shortcut is pointing at a file that doesn't exist. On windows media player, the files sometimes start playing and the sieze up, sometimes appear as gibberish filenames in the list and sometimes don't appear at all. Sometimes they work fine, usually after a reset. When connecting to a PC, the folder sometimes appears as normal, but then won't let you copy files to or from the storage card. Sometimes looking at the storage card it appears with a long list of folders all called '.' and other times it's a long list of folders with gibberish characters for names. I don't know whether this is to do with the storage card or the phone. At the same time as this started happening my phone started turning itself off occasionally for no apparent reason. It also keeps changing the front page display without me tell it to: I don't know if this is to do with the "SIM Update" SMS messages I get from time to time but I haven't had one for a while. Also, GPRS seems to have turned itself on without me asking for it. Anyone know what's going on here? Orange don't seem to :)
  10. Hi, Is there any way I can regulate what order media player plays MP3s in? Say by creating a playlist for example? Cheers, Matt
  11. Hi, I had this problem after updating from WinME toWinXP .. turns out it was a simple driver problem. Try this, it worked for me! Put the SPV CD in your CD drive and connect the USB cradle to the PC but leave the phone off. Open up device manager and then plug the phone into the cradle. A new device should appear on device manager. If it's the same problem I had, there will be a big yellow question mark as a device icon. Click on this and it'll tell you the driver needs updating and you should get the option to search for it automatically: do so and it'll find and install the driver from the CD. At least it worked something like that :lol: I think it's pretty shoddy that re-installing activesync after an update doesn't update the phone drivers automatically, but it doesn't. There you go.
  12. It appears from some of the downloadable applications listed for the smartphone that they were developed for WindowsCE, adn I also note that both formats use .cab installers. Is software developed for WinCE generally compatable with the SPV? If not, am I risking cocking up my smartphone if I try to run a CE application on it?

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