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  1. Right, my THL W100 finally turned up as a replacement for my damaged Cubot GT99. Really impressed with speed and screen so far. Couple of questions, I'm struggling to find much support online to root/install CWM and custom roms - can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, the notification LEDs don't seem to be working - I'm sure I read about a fix somewhere in this thread, possible in the engineering menu (not sure how to access that though) - anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Noticed this for sale, looks like a rebranded Chinese phone. Anyone any idea which one? http://www.kogan.com...ore-smartphone/ (Ignore, just noticed it's already been posted)
  3. Is that problem limited to using the radio? Would the output be stereo when using Spotify, for example? Could be interested, how much did you pay for it?
  4. Just noticed their stock had gone down to one unit, so ordered one myself. Expected to arrive on Monday or Tuesday so will see what it's like!
  5. As title, I'm looking to buy one but don't want the hassle of dealing with Chinese sites or waiting for delivery, so was wondering if anyone was selling up.
  6. Tempted to try this! Doubt it'd be honoured though (EDIT: no option of paying with PayPal, so I think I'll give it a miss) Noticed a Cubot GT99 on eBay located in England with BIN of £118 - think I'll finally decide on that today and make the plunge. If I don't I'll keep going around in circles forever. Have looked at Jiayu G3S, Vowney V5, Cubot One, Tengda T94 but feel a bit safer purchasing from a UK-based seller on eBay.
  7. Are you UK-based, and not anticipating any 3G problems with either of these? Which site do you think you'll be buying from?
  8. Thanks. Yeah, I've been keeping my eye on the V5 for a while now and it seems to come highly recommended. I'm no Tesco mobile in the UK so that should be fine. Any idea where's cheapest/most reliable place to buy at the moment?
  9. Thanks! Almost went for one yesterday on eBay that was around £70 but today it's no longer available and they're now all £120+! Would you be able to recommend me the best Chinese phone for around the £100 mark that will work on 3G in the UK? Compass/GPS issues aren't a huge problem for me. Would like a 4.5"+ screen, decent camera, and reliability more than anything.
  10. I've been following this thread with some interest for a while now, and I'm finally ready to make the plunge and buy one. Can anyone recommend me a phone at around the £100 mark that will work on 3G in the UK? There's so many out there to choose from. Was tempted by the Tengda T94 but is seems to have shot up in price since yesterday. I just want a reliable, large-screened, quad-core phone. GPS/compass issues aren't a big problem though.
  11. Are you familiar with the Tengda T94 at all? Struggling to find any reviews or online support for it at all.
  12. Has anyone bought a Tengda T94, or seen any reviews of it online at all? Seems like a bargain for the price.
  13. This is getting weirder. I've just been on MightyText on my PC and 2 of the messages I definitely know didn't come through (and are not on my phone) are there on MightyText. There is still another message that didn't come through which isn't on there though. Can't understand it.
  14. Sorry for the old thread bump, but I found this thread whilst googling the same issue I've been having. Basically, it seems that one person (my gf) isn't receiving some of texts - with no real reason as to why, and it's driving us mad! I'm on the Infusion rom, and also use the MightText SMS PC app to send messages through my work PC. As far as I can tell, it's only the one person who isn't receiving the occasional message and we can't work out what could be causing it. Did anyone come up with a solution to this?
  15. Thanks for the reply. So is it likely that this could be causing the problem if the loudspeaker is the only thing that's not working? My mic is working fine, as is the earpiece, and sound works fine when headphones are plugged in? Is it worth trying to transplant the speaker from my old Blade?
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