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  1. http://www.tm-phonedownloads.com/ is the UK T-mobile site, but the upgrade links takes you to the same location eventually :(
  2. What are the major differences between the MDA Compact III withe WM5 and WM6 using the T-mobile rom? **edit to make it ask a sensible question :|
  3. does this really have a touchscreen as stated in http://xda.o2.co.uk/doesXdaGraphite.html, if so were is the stylus located?
  4. Ive got myself one of these as well now, and it works really well with tom tom :)
  5. Any Idea were the will be available from in the UK as I would prefer to get this from a UK site. reading your review this Looks really good :)
  6. works really well, unless you have your program files on any drive other than C: if the system variable %ProgramFiles% is used insted of a fixed path it would avoid the problem. but this error only occures on my strange setup :)
  7. http://www2.orange.co.uk/servlet/Satellite...e&t=Product this is were you now can get the lates uk Orange update for the e200 (dont you hate it when they change the site layout :) )
  8. Just a quick update , My phone is now on the payg ... only 23 1/2 hours after the upgrade was started :|
  9. My O2 Xda Mini s has teh following details Rom version : WWE Rom Date : 3/9/06 (I think that should Be march 9th as Ive had it for 2 weeks now) Radio version : 02.07.10 Proticol version 431.1.03 Extended Rom version Model No WIZA200
  10. I'm currently moving a orange Contact to orange PAYG I started by calling up orange up on the 10th may ... problem 1 ... they said my Contract wasn't up yet ... I had tryied another phone through then, but this was returned and my old contract& phone was restored. This was happily fixed in a 10 min wait. then i was told a new PAYG sim would be sent to me within 25 days ... I turned up up after 27 days .. almost on time. problem 2 ... called the number to get my account transferred at 11:00 pm and i found the once 24 hour service is now open until 9:45 pm, called the next day waited for 10 mins for a human to become available. after answering all the questions to get the new sim active they said the payg sim would be active after 4 or 8 hours... problem 3 .... it's now 20 hours since that call and I don't have a funtional sim, called on a land line to speak to customer services ... got told it could be upto 24 hours for the change to be active .... anyone else had there contract converted to payg and had a wait like I'm having ???
  11. I fund the dummy mini sd card can cause it to come out of standby, and then apps can be loaded. to stop that I also lock the key using the home screen device lock plugin
  12. I'm getting the error aswell ;) Has anyone found a fix for this problem
  13. http://www.symbian.com/phones/index.html this seems to be a list of symbian smartphones ... not the same class as some of the SPV type but still smartphones ... I wonder if I coudl get mobipocket reader working on a Nokia 3230 ;)
  14. List of smartphones while doing a search I found the above list, is there any smartphones that are current that are missing from the list?
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