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  1. Does this have any of the issues the original one had with build quality, like gaps around edge, sim tray not flat or power button not sticking out enough?
  2. Happy easter all! Only day you can have chocolate for breakfast!

  3. On my Evo 3D, i debranded it by unlocking the bootloader and changing the CID to HTC__001, maybe its possible to do the same on the One X?
  4. This is my first release for the Desire HD, it is fully rooted including Kendon's boot.img with adb remount and su. Is full stock rom with root, no optimization or apps added/removed yet except the superuser app. Changelog; v1.0 - Latest Release -Initial Release -Includes Busybox and SU -Boot.img with ADB Remount and SU -REQUIRES CLOCKWORK MOD TEST RECOVERY IMAGE FOUND HERE -DOWNLOAD- How to flash; Method 1; 1: Download ROM Manager from Market 2: Open ROM Manager and select Install ROM From SD 3: Select ROM file and tick options you want (I recommend selecting both) 4: Wait for ROM to flash and phone to reboot Method 2; 1: Boot into Clockwork Recovery (Hold volume down when turning on phone and select recovery) 2: Scroll through menu 3 times to activate power as select 3: Select flash zip from sdcard 4: Select ROM file and then confirm 5: Wait for All Done! message 6: A wipe is recommended but not required, if you experience force closes or things not working, try wiping before posting problems. BOTH METHODS REQUIRE CLOCKWORK MOD TEST IMAGE WHICH CAN BE FOUND HERE DISCLAIMER - VILLAINROM AND MYSELF ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR DEVICE BY USING THIS ROM, YOU FLASH THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! Credits go to - Modaco (For initial ROOT), Kendon (For boot.img), and to everyone who has supported the android development world, i wouldnt be doing this without your support!
  5. Uninstall old visionary, reboot. Install r12, run temp root, then run attempt permaroot, you now have permaroot on desire HD
  6. My desire HD is now permarooted, rebooted and still got root :-)
  7. if ya wana see how this works, open the video camera app and enable the led flash, then place ur finger over the lens until it all goes red, then watch around the edges and youll see your pulse
  8. the 2.1 roms that are odexed are based on release-keys roms, both my Raidroid rom and Legendroid are based on the leaked Release roms which are already odexed.
  9. This rom is a port of the WWE Legend RUU, Everything in the rom works as expected. If you like my work, please donate so i can buy a hero for dev use DONATE - v1.0 (Initial Release) - [ DOWNLOAD ] What works; All Hardware, Wifi, BT, Sensors, Etc... 3D Acceleration Video Playback including YouTube Full Google Sync and Market FriendStream What doesn't work; Flash Player - Removed for space Known Issues; GPS Doesn't get lock Rosie isn't very smooth Protected Apps don't show May have to manually add APN Whats Done; Optimized APKs Added A2SD - ext2 + 3 only Added Root + SuperUser.apk MultiLingual Thanks to behnaam, and all the other devs who have inspired me to do this work.
  10. I'm currently working on a legend based 2.1 Rom but so far its slower than this
  11. if it isnt getting past the boot, can you get the output of adb logcat and PM it to me, and also the output of adb shell df
  12. the problem with the superboot is that the oem-78 loader is only there to flash img's, it cannot boot them, only the bootloader when using reboot bootloader can boot img's but thats blocked just like the perfected spl on the hero and magic.
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