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  1. Is the phone part working on any of the new versions?
  2. Start saving as soon as you can since Omnia 2 is coming out this august, source: http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_omnia_ii_a...r-news-1002.php
  3. I seem to have a very annoying bug, I've searched through the thread to see if anyone posted regarding this issue before me but I couldn't find any info regarding this. Anyways whatever I do my timezone (Jerusalem GMT +2) shows the the time minus one hour, even if I change every time I connect via ActiveSync or do reset it returns to one hour before the actual time is. I also tried making windows update the time manually only and not auto yet no results still does this. I've even tried using Memmaid to delete the notifications that are used to update the clocks time and still no success. If anyone could help this would be great as I love this ROM and wouldn't want to re-flash or flash to something else after I've put so much effort into making it comfortable for me.
  4. A new device with 128 RAM? People just don't want to make a good device nowadays.
  5. I have a question regarding the lock screen, I have seen someone ask this in this topic but he didnt receive any answer... Is it possible to have the backlight turn on when tapped on lock screen? This issue is driving me crazy when I'm under the sun.
  6. Alot of specs have not been clarified yet such as ROM, RAM, Internal storage, Battery and etc which dosnt allow you yet to figure out whether this phone is really going to give a competition or not. I'm also less impressed with phones that are released with only a 533mhz CPU and dosn't mention a thing about 3D graphics, we will soon have a 1GHz Snapdragon phone from Toshiba and a 3D accelerated phone known as ofcourse Omnia i8910.
  7. Make folders editable or removable Unlock the SPB Menu so you can add and remove links as you wish. Navigate to: HKLM>Software>Spb Software House 2>Menu>Root In there you will find folders that correspond to the menu items in the SPB Menu. E.G: Internet You need to go into the folder and add a DWORD value called "Add" with the value of "1". Once this is done, go to SPB Menu and open the Menu Catagory. Click the options button (bottom right) and you will see 3 new buttons.
  8. Here is how my Spb Mobile Shell looks after installing imarche.net skins:
  9. Am I the only one that gets abit annoyed by the fact spb mobile shell does not pre-cache the icons?
  10. I have J1 ROM and I have 2 annoying issues: 1. The scroll sound when you dont use the scroll bar and just use the middle of the screen to scroll downwards and upwards 2. Sometimes the WM 6.5 device lock isn't able to identify the incoming calls number and just shows it as unknown I'm sorry in advance for not checking if this hasnt been answered before but going through 96 pages is a bit of a hassle... also if there was an option to search through a thread only and not forum it would be much easier.
  11. I have done it! Well after being scared to death of doing it myself I gained the confidence this morning and assembled the new touchscreen I've ordered from wholesaleandy on ebay. OMG! it's so badword sensitive! exactly like the new screens (my friend has a brand new Omnia so I've compared it to his) and easily comparable to iphone. Guys, whoever has an old screen must do this! I feel like a kid who has a brand new and shiny toy! B))))) btw, I have received the black screen not bronze or gray.
  12. The .skin file means you need to install it first, if you extract the folder straight into the themes folder in \Program Files\Lakeridge\Wisbar Advance Desktop\, you will see that WAD automatically recognizes it without installation. Make sure the WD7 folder is extracted into \Storage Card\. Gheorghe, did you follow the install instructions? what exactly gave you a problem? P.S: I did forget to attach the wallpaper by mistake though, once you install the theme and everything as instructed just go into settings and define it as the wallpaper
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