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  1. Hi, after quite some time with OCKs cool ROMs I had BT-errors with 23128 GTX: Couldn't recognize my heart-rate-monitor. No BT-audio-commands like in Khuanshai's/PDhee's ROMs. In PDhee's threat there is a leaked ROM which is working with all my BT-devices. It's a Build: 23132.5.3.8. Hope it helps, Oliver.
  2. Thumbs-up for the heads-up Paul :P Donated aswell, as it seems to be a very good "target". Best wishes from germany and good luck... Oliver.
  3. Hi there, sure you did not drink too much vodka already at this point of daytime? No wonder, why too many good cooks/chief leave this otherwise wonderful forum. Get a new life, Sir. Oliver.
  4. Well, send to: leroyjacobs sevotharte djsolidsnake86 have fun, and report back any oddities, think there are always some folks around here, who communicate towards PDhee ( hope so at least ;-) ) Kind regards, Oliver.
  5. Hi, any kind soul out there to give me a link, too? I tried the leaked one and feeling guilty right now ;-) Looking now for 23670.5.3.7... Anyway, was an extreme good try and curious for the next build. Thnx in @vance, Oliver.
  6. Well, as a long-term SPB-mobile-shell-user ( not addicted, but used to it) I cannot say much about M2... functionality, so far, so stable with no obvious memory leaks or whatever oddities. Only thing that made me want this ROM was: BT-voice-command-fix. That is: Press the button on my BT-head-set and then dial via MS-voice-command. Was possible through Khuanchai's and former PDhee's "meals". Not anymore. Everything else works, so I have stable WIFI and 3G and reliable GPS ( through PUJA1, so the ROM meets all needs). Have a good time to use this anyway professional cooked ROM ;) Oliver.
  7. Hi, as I now have two possibilties: 1. Ocks ROM with Sectors "manual" for trying to get a BT-fix ( have running his latest and it's OK, but no BT-dialing, though) 2. Cry for getting the link for a well-known-PDhee-ROM I tend to: "please give me the link, greatly appreciated" ;-) thnx in @vance, Oliver.
  8. Well, ... this is in fact a valuable answer :( at least I will try this stuff out over the weekend. Still too addicted to flashing ROMs :( Best regards, Oliver.
  9. Hi MMB, thank you very much for your "heads-up", main q. is: which of them has implemented a functioning BT-voice-calling as per PDhee or Khuanchai? I read a couple of pages from Ock's thread, but got no clue so far. Best reg's, Oliver.
  10. Hi there, I had these values set to: - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\Accuracy set from 19 to 1 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\QOPDelay set from 12 to 1 - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\RefreshRate set to 1 (default) - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\VAccuracy set from 0 to 1 as mentioned a couple of posts before. Fast fix while standing still, but unusual while doing some training - loss of signal ever so often. After setting it to "4 4...", so your values, I got a fast fix and no signal-loss. Interesting would be to really _know_ what these settings do, are there country specific things? Like coverage of sattelites etc.... Thnx anyway for your recommendations... it helped a lot before going to revert to default-settings ;) Oliver.
  11. Thnx for the response... I think it might be related to GWES.EXE being quite hungry... heap-size is about 10MB at the beginning and now up to almost 20. Will have an eye on the next version I try... cause if an application is eating RAM, it's eating battery, too :) Reg's, Oliver.
  12. Hi Dave, I encountered some memory-eating-issue, started with some 54MB and now down to 37, anybody else detected this, or is it just me? So will def. try the latest one. Regards, Oliver.
  13. Hi, thnx for the password for V41. I retired a bit from flashing after sticking to Khuanchai's last BT-fixed ROM's, but now I'm back in the game B) BT with ms-voice-command working, everything seems to be smooth, GPS is fast - using Navigon, + a TMC-over-BT device. Finger keyboard working as SPB-mobile-shell is. No complains. ActiveSync in sync, too ;) Surfing with OperaMobile 10beta over WiFi works, though not testet flash. Might be, we should have some kind of test-suite/checklist? :) Thnx and seasons greetnx to *, Oliver.
  14. Hi Khaunchai, more than two thumbs up for the heads up. Thank you, Sir :D Kind reg's, Oliver.
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