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  1. nice work ;] i was trying to find out how to do that but i gave up early ;]
  2. well what i find out about this - "Redirect"="" is not working if there is already "Redirect"="xxx", you must find the registry with "xxx", for theme it should work with "Redirect"="", atleast it works for me, just i did it in "ext"not in customer.csc you can try with "Hide"=dword:00000001
  3. OEM/OEMDrivers/mxip_oemdrivers_100.provxml change parm name="4122" value="0" to parm name="4122" value="1" or registry [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies] "00001001"=dword:1 "00001017"=dword:80 "0000101A"=dword:1
  4. can you explaint these? where can i see rom version and date? i put these in but can see anywhere and about policies what for are these? i know one is for security warning when installing cab
  5. well i don't think thats kitchen fault try other rom.exe (maybe official) to make sure where is the problem if it finds the phone
  6. HLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Rai\:MSCLOCK) replace the value of entry 1 ("clock.exe") by ""\my storage\my folder\my app folder\tclock.exe""
  7. i saw somewhere on the forum modified original dialers for removing autolock function, try one of those i was using for a while but now i use dialer from omnia lite
  8. "\my storage\my folder\my app folder\tclock.exe"
  9. small reconstruction of kitchen i put everything on 1 cmd file after build files (pda.bin, rom.exe and buildlog) are renamed by sys/xip version + PP size + date and time buildlog also moved to logs folder when building next time last built pda.bin and rom.exe are moved to "old_builds" folder compression are forced to LZX without question question y/n for recmod (you need this only first time after new sys added) now you need to: 1. put your customized "oem", "sys/xip" add your programs to EXT folder as EXT/Yourprogramfolder (before was EXT/apps/yourprogramfolder) 2. run BUILD.cmd thats it :D EDIT: reuploaded, the cmd was asking for sys version too many times added check for right pagepool min 1 max 24 MB kitchen.rar
  10. can you PLEASE read the sticky before asking? its on the first post here
  11. try to flash with grandprix, i had that problem, phone was even not showing "samsung omnia" screen, just some sign inside triangle
  12. i think that theme is "rock and republic black" and should be included as default, just not selected as default
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