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  1. I posted a tip off about this device a short while ago.. Strange how Modaco seem very quiet about it ..I dont think it's been covered yet in news on this site. Shame as it looks like a nice device! ;)
  2. Thanks Paul. You will notice on those links that I posted that they call the HTC S730 the HTC Wings. I know it is in brackets after HTC S730 but why do they do this? I thought it might just be the cosmetic finish of the phone but its clear it is a different device from what you say ..hmmm :P Still slightly confused .. :)
  3. Ok Paul ..now I am confused. After reading your posts I set about seeing where I could get the HTC Wings from at a reasonable price. However I found 3 distinctly different looking phones and possibly 3 names for the device ! HTC Wings, HTC P4350 (Herald?), and HTC S730 Perhaps you can clear this one up. This link shows the P4350 http://www.coolsmartphone.com/article706.html This link shows the HTC s730 (HTC Wings) http://www.pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=728 This link shows the HTC s730 (HTC Wings) but in white http://www.pdasnews.com/articles/2600/1/ Are they really the same phone just different variants? It seems that main difference is the front face. One has a PDA type look with basic function buttons on the front and the other has a numerical keypad making it look more like a Smartphone. It may be that the specs of these phones differ however there does seem to be a lot of confusion as to what these models actually looks like. Help ! :)
  4. I have no experience with this particular phone however I have seen this many times before and posted on Modaco regarding SSL configuration with Exchange and Mobile active Sync. There are registry hacks for WM5 that may get around your problem in this forum. WM5 is configured only to take root certs from commercial CA's and checks your cert against its internal list. If I recall correctly on my tek 8310 running WM5 it warned me when I tried to install my own root cert however, after "application unlocking" the phone it allowed me to continue. The best advice I can give you is to look for work around in this forum. You might try here http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...SSL+Certificate as a starting point ;)
  5. I have no desire to start flaming here but hey Moonshot .. Pauls review is Pauls review..nothing more .. I tend to agree with his thoughts on the phone and that the wings version is something that people may hold out for. That being said rather than slate another persons review why not get off your arse and do one yourself.... instead of trying to pull someone elses to pieces? If you have this phone then post a review if not then you are hardly in a position to critcise another persons opinion..especially if you are basing your views purely on what you have read! ;) Rant over..please release the wings version soon :D
  6. Hmm I suspect that's a mistake in the text.. :D However there are also 2 processor speeds quoted in the overview.. Marvell PXA270 Applications Processor @ 416MHz Marvell PXA901 Communications Processor @ 312MHz I suspect that its the PXA270 that is the correct one... I think O2 need to proof read a little better ;) Oh and only single band UMTS and WM 5.0 ...no HSDPA or WM 6.0 im slowly loosing interest in it now :(
  7. Hmm..seems like it has all the bells and whistles. Actually Paul does it have HSDPA capability as well as UMTS? I am considering getting one however visually it does not inspire me. ;) Anyone else think the design is a bit dull? I may be forced to wait for the new HTC s730 or the Imate 8150... Why is there always something else just round the corner :D
  8. After having a good run with my Qtek 8310 it was time to look around again and my needs were answered by the excellent video (Nice Work Paul!) So of I go to dig up all the details of the rather lurvely looking HTC S710.. then dismay hit me when I realised that this unit does not have HSDPA.. :D not even UMTS ;) Come on HTC its a nice phone compact with good looks, WM 6.0 a thumpad etc etc.. but why stick with GPRS and EDGE? I guess I will have to wait for the Imate 8150 (If it actually turns out to be the size they claim!) unless there is something else out there that would replace my 8310 that is compact has Wifi and at least normal 3G. I know this is slightly off track for this post but can anyone make a suggestion as to what could be viable replacment for my Qtek? Hmm looks like my moans were answered in the post above (nice one HTC) anyone got pics of the s730 ?
  9. Ok I have read most of the last few pages of posts here and I am still no wiser on where to get a ROM update for my Qtek 8310. I purchased it from phones2udirect website so I have no idea where they sourced it from. All the various Qtek webistes I have been to will not accept my IMEI number when trying to register and retrieve the AKU 2 ROM update. Anyone got any ideas on where I can get an official working update for this phone? :) Surely there must be some other phones2udirect customers who purchased the same Qtek 8310 from them? I hope there is someone out there who can help ! :)
  10. If your network administrator purchased a certificate from a commercial certificate authority (such as Verisign) for use with your Exchange Outlook Web Access component or website etc it is unlikely that they have a windows certificate authority set up. You might like to explain to him that setting up a Windows Certificate Authority is quite a simple process. Your are not actually exporting the root certificate from the Certificate Authority in *.der format. What you need to do is export the root certificate in "DER Encoded binary X.509" fomat. When you export in this format it creates a *.CER file (not a *.DER file). Hope this helps! ;)
  11. So based on this information I am assuming this will incorporate the Microsoft Update to WM5 that will allow us to use "Push Email" technology in conjunction with an Exchange 2003 SP2 server?
  12. I have no problems with my Buffalo "Airstation G54" Wireless Router / firewall and my Qtek 8310, although it may not be your AP that's the problem...could it be a poor signal perhaps? I would check to see if you are getting decent signal first before parting with your cash.
  13. That's correct let me know if have any further questions :)
  14. Hmm.. I read that Windows Mobile 5.0 phones will require a firmware update! Grrr come on Microsoft! The push technology should have been included in Windows Mobile 5.0 from the start! Whats with the firmware upgrade...? On another point I have a Qtek 8310 where does this leave me? ..I cant see Qtek publishing a firmware update on their site :cry:
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