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  1. I would switch to Android to, but only when it will support better gps apps, like garmin xt. ;)
  2. Thanks Xpro and Ock for trying! Xpro, I am not a newbie. I tried all that before I asked on this forum. Before it worked just fine, with older 6.5.3 builds (i don't know exactly wich ones - but semi-latest from dewahra's doesn't work to). I upgraded phone part to PUJA1 to see if there would be any difference, but no luck. I don't know either what power on attach does exactly, but I always left it the way it was. Everything is working perfectly besides sms issue (recieving delayed and long sms). I didn't tried preconfiguration coz it hard resets the phone, and I think that it wouldn't solve anything. I don't know what are my options, but I am afraid that there are not many.
  3. My signal strenght is full most of the time, both on edge and 3g. I am using titanium classic version. It's driving me nuts. I keep getting asked - why are you ignoring me? and i am like ;) then after a day i get like 5 sms at the same time. i have no idea what is wrong. as i said my sim card in my brothers phone gets sms instantly and sends long sms without problem. i left the phone without any installed programs and it is the same. i also tried to flash the phone part - the problem is still there.
  4. Threaded SMS Skin(to fix issues with long sms). Ock! The problem is still there. I just flashed the new version and hard reseted it, and it is still the same. Also the sms are coming in rather late. I get sms like 2 days late sometimes. :/ Any ideas? The sim card is fine, it works with brothers phone.
  5. Hi! Try this ASI|HK|HK---|HONG%20KONG| or this ASI|HK|HK---|HONG KONG| remember to put | on the end!
  6. I am using the latest ock's titanium rom and I have a question. Anybody know why i can't send long sms (either on edge or 3g) - sms combined from two or three? it just says sending failed. i flashed a new phone part today PUJA1, but that didn't fix the issue. when i insert my sim into brothers phone, it sends long sms normally. Maybe I had this issue even before I flashed to ock's awesome rom, and didn't realized it. Thanks for any help!
  7. I have an exact same problem. I don't know how to fix it :/
  8. Can someone make this for our omnia's? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=639842 It looks awesome!!!
  9. Yes it works, but only when you soft reset the device the picture will change.
  10. Put this into options/zip or location code EUR|HR|HR000|PULA|
  11. Hvala lepa. Sej bo pršla nova verzija roma, pa boš takrat flashal :D
  12. If titanium weather plugin works with neo it will. i don't know exactly because i don't use neo. it should uninstall ok, but to be certain ask joža, he did the cab.
  13. I fixed Carlos_rpg theme to my needs. Here it is. http://www.mediafire.com/file/fzzmyeyddx0/Fullscreen.rar
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