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  1. Whenever I get unusually high battery drain, the microSD in my phone gets extremely hot and when I go to the SD settings it's been dismounted. It's mostly after I reboot from CWM or sometimes when I have connected the USB cable (debugging on, so no SD-mounts). A bit weird :/
  2. This was the log from the moment i pressed the button to the screen turning on (only ~2sec this time). http://pastebin.com/4tcu1rat Edit: setting clock to default, removing from boot and uninstalling PMC solved it :<
  3. I'm also using Google Lockscreen and didn't include the LG lockscreen :P, I also removed Car Home just as BrumBrum74 did. I did not choose the 64MB RAM hack kernel though, just regular MCK. And regarding uc/uv, all I did was to install Pimp my Cpu and set the pre-set "1200" as max, nothing else.
  4. Am I the only one getting a very long delay before the screen gets turned on after pressing power to wake it from sleep? It even got so delayed it turned off before I had the time to unlock it :P And minutes ago I just received a phone call and the screen didn't turn on for ~7+ sec. :<
  5. I got pretty much the same problem, I have to try to download an app 10+ times before it sticks. And yes, my date and time is correct :/
  6. "Startsida för Bil" = Car Home (which I have NEVER EVEN USED) weird stuff :/
  7. My Alarm/Clock is also on top of the sensor usage screen :< Would it be possible to freeze it and get the stock google alarm clock?
  8. I got the update of your app today and ever since I rebooted into recovery from the new version (after it updated the recovery), I can't perform a backup (says something like "couldn't find /sdcard"). I have to shut down and boot up the recovery using the key combo in order for it to mount my SD :)
  9. So, quick question :D is it possible to replace the god damn BT stack with a proper one that works? Can't connect to my newly purchased Wiimote :<
  10. @DistortedLoop I used Google Listen to play the podcasts. And yes, I'm running stock JM5 + SamSet 1.9e without mimocan
  11. Had some really bad issues with playback of my podcasts with this fix applied, sure i could fire up quadrant and always get 2100+ but audio playback was crazy bad, especially if i was also trying to do anything else (install apps etc). The speedup may be there, but it's so subtle and I think most of the performance gain people get is pure placebo :/ Flashed a fresh JM5 and got SamSet and the phone feels just like it did with JG5+lagfix, only that it scores <1000 in Quadrant. Mimocan's fix is way faster than this one in actual phone usage, but gets lower 'zomgwtfbbqscore'. Please people, can we stop using Quadrant for showing how a certain device is performing? It's so easy to trick Quadrant into giving crazy high scores... http://twitter.com/cyanogen/status/21313672502 http://twitter.com/cyanogen/status/21313718922 http://twitter.com/cyanogen/status/21314856782 So easy to cheat...
  12. Remember to place the phone horizontally on a table before pressing ENTER, and that means with the "chin" on the phone hanging outside the edge of the table otherwise the phone wouldn't be 100% horizontal :lol:
  13. Hmm, after flashing JFB and this rom, the camera app shows a dialog box as soon as i run it saying the camera didn't work, and then quits :< EDIT: http://phete.se/camera_error.html That's what the debug output is in the debug monitor... :/ EDIT2: And now it worked all of a sudden, after lots and lots of failures...
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