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  1. Hi guys, I upgraded to WM6 on my Vario 2 and can no longer access anything online. What are the settings I need to put in to make this work? Can't view web or connect to Agile ;) Thanks!
  2. It didnt work at all 2 days ago. Now I have BB8 streaming live. Seems to work fine from my desk in North London.
  3. Ok found out how, and successfully did it. But all I can find is instructions on how to do it over Bluetooth, which is always slower. It's horrendously slow at the moment with 2 bars network coverage. Does anyone know how to do it under OSX with a usb cable? I have Missing Sync installed if that helps.
  4. Has anyone got instructions on how to do this under OSX?
  5. In my experience, no. Get PocketXpdf.
  6. And while we're at it, is there a way to disable the 'connecting to 3g tmobile' message that seems to pop up all the time? I'm on wnw unlimited, I don't care!
  7. When I turn the phone on I get a message saying Wisbar Lite can not be loaded etc etc. I had installed it, realised I didn't need it and uninstalled it. Now I'm left with this :) How do I get rid of it?
  8. Getting the same thing periodically myself. Started on the weekend. Tried to Skype over 3G today and it was having none of it!
  9. ask me in 5 days :) if you dont run the update i assume its still free, cursing myself for running it now
  10. So I installed the version of Agile in the 'Pauls best free software' sticky. Just ran it, and it told me an update was available which I installed. Now I have a 7 day trial. Awesome :)
  11. Still painfully waiting for an insurance replacement. Nowhere I call has stock. 3+ weeks now!
  12. I had to BUY a new sim today. 15 pounds. Uhh.
  13. Had my handset nicked out of my check-in luggage by Iberia baggage handlers at Tenerife airport. It was flat and I had put it in my luggage along with my wallet, without realising. Got to Gatwick, wallet was empty of cash (luckily cards still there) and my beloved Vario 2 gone. One thing I must say that I am finding annoying is the difference between the way Orange and T Mobile handle insurance. In the past when I was a Orange customer, I'd contact them and they sort it out. Nice. With T Mobile your insurance goes through Phone Safe. It was fairly simple to lodge the claim, but when it came to replacing the handset their method is very annoying. They email your closest high street store with your details and claim details, and you have to physically go there to get the handset. Not too much of a pain, but I rarely shop on high streets being a online junkie, so I thought I might call the store first to make sure they had stock. They did not. So they advised me to call other stores, as they could not tell me who would have stock and who wouldn't. After the 4th store I'd had enough of that so I called CS. They told me it was up to me to find someone who had stock, not their problem, they couldn't help me at all as its not up to them. This isn't what I wanted to hear! The problem with the high street store is the sales people are generally only very basically clued up as to what they're selling. Sure they can fill out new contract paperwork but I'm yet to find anyone remotely clued up in PPC/WM devices in a retail outlet. Apon further conversation with the Insurance company I was told I could go to the high street store and 'buy a sim'(!), and maybe they will have a loan phone I can use. This was over a week ago and I've not heard a thing from anyone at T Mobile at all. Orange definently win in this department.
  14. The old one sucks! No Wifi, no 3G (that im aware of?) and its slowwwww. You're better off getting a Vario 2 and buying the software.
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