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  1. ccheong68

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Any screen shot for 3B
  2. Hi, Don't know whether this is a repeated question but I am lazy to search thru all the posting :P I am currently using OCK 23563 Manila classic and discovered that even though I have read the new incoming sms, it still show that I have one new sms on the manila menu. My current solution is to go into that sms and it will consider read. Is there another other solution to this issue?
  3. Thanks for the cab.. My phone is working fine.. No trouble to unlock..
  4. No. There were two buttons (Red/Green) on the screen for incoming call and I unable to use either of the buttons. The phone freezed at that screen and eventually I get a missed call.
  5. I encountered problem wth S2U2. Unable to pick up incoming call. I have uninstalled and use the dafult lock, so far no problem.
  6. Hi, Any chance of replacing flip time with a non flip one?
  7. Dear Ryrzy, I like your rom very much. Very stable. However can you remove opera mobile from the rom?
  8. Anyone know how to remove the battery meter? I am also having the same problem
  9. You can find chinese input cab here. http://www.dayhand.com/bbs/viewthread.php?...;extra=page%3D1
  10. Cant say that It's like Iphone... But it's much much better after I upgraded... You can check whether Samsung customer service will replace for you.. If not, you just fellow the guide, just be careful and you will be fine..
  11. I am referring to the layout of the screen. I see new icons from your M3 version, will it appear when I install WM7 Titanium Theme Project 2A modified for Omnia by you?
  12. Hi Sector, The current version of Titanium Theme Project is not suitable for M3, can assist to modify?
  13. Yup, I think I have miss this guide. I based on Service Manual to replace the touch screen and luckily everything went well. :lol: And now I have a phone with great touch screen. :D
  14. Just installed the news Touch Screen Digitizer from wholesaleandy as recommended. The sensitivity has definitely improved greatly. However the disassembly of the phone is a scary one, even with the service manual. Firstly, you will need extra screw driver as the screws inside the phone are smaller in size and you will also need a pincers to take out the parts. Secondly the manual only teach you which part to take off but never really show how to take individual part off, so you need to be very careful because you dont have to break any parts inside the phone.
  15. Hi, saw touch panel on this website, http://mobile.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=03838.

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