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  1. Sorry to all for the long absence. I've been spending quite a bit of time getting my app up. Max TF3D Theme Maker Version 3.1 is now up and available for download on first post link. Check it out. :excl:
  2. Ver2 and Ver1 is the same except that I had optimized the code and added the timer function. The only difference are the components. I have seperated different components for different TF3D version. Anyway, since you want this badly, I've upload the black digit component. Just unzip and overwrite this over \MaxTTM\FlipD folder (if you are using version 1 ) or \MaxTTM\Components\Flip Digit. I'm in the process of re-working all analog clocks and hands which doubles the resolution. Try to release something over the weekend. B) Black_Standard.zip
  3. Ok. I got the black digit mixed up again. Will update this later. Also, what ROM and TF3D version you are using. There's so many version now wt the release of Touch PRo2 and Diamond 2 that it is quite difficult to nail down the correct settings for all version.
  4. I have mixed up some files in the beta version. V2.0 has just been released. Chk it out!! B)
  5. I can't even run it on my HD ( remembered that I managed to do that previously ). Are you sure that you send me the original files? The 1c684cd8_manila does not seems to be a hidden/system file. Looks like it has been edited before. Can you delete it (ROM will create the original one) and then resend? It's not for TouchPro. Only for Touch HD. As you can see, I'm trying to make it work for Pro.
  6. Sorry......have been out for a week and now back. Busy with some updating in XDA. I will update here in the next couple of days. I have created a changeable wallpapers version for Duttys ROM. To workaround the landscape problem, I have to stretch the wallpaper, if you like it. Go to XDA link below or wait till I update here. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=480916 Sorry......that will be too much of a hassle. The only way is to use M9Editor. Download the latest version. Can't help you without much info. A screenie and what ROM you are using may help. Also, best to install this before you have other themes installed. Lovely..... :P For Dutty's ROM, it is also feasible to change the background of the COMMs panel but it will also affect the background for the Call History. Haha.....you never give up. I believe I know what is causing the problem here. Pls send me again both your 1c684cd8_manila and 5c9aa261_manila files. Hopefully, I can get these 2 to work properly. B)
  7. At this moment, it is not possible to make it changable like with the previous TF3D. The reason is that the wallpaper does not rotate during landscape mode. The current workaround is to replace the default background. I can put up a how to later to teach you all how to change them.
  8. Ok...sorry for the delay as I'm packing up ready to go for a long trip.... B) The background is not perfect and requires further tweak but since I promised yesterday, the Blue theme cab for Duttys ROM is available for download on the first post. I've added the blue bars and bubbles to match the background color. Enjoy!! :(
  9. Thks. :P Great news for Duttys ROM user. Managed to find a way to change the default background. And, it works for landscape too. It's a bit manual but worth it as it includes all tabs. Here are some screenshots. Will post this tomorrow. B)
  10. Maesus, how did you manage to get all the icons positioned in this manner?? :(
  11. Thks for the detailed analysis. :D I doubt the configuration is causing the missing taskbar manager. Duttys ROM is not 100% stable as you know there are still some minor bugs which I can live wt. I'd reset back to the original settings and the taskbar still missing. Then, I went to the Task Manager settings and realized that I had previously disabled the quick menu on Today screen but the manager never disappear until then. Now, that I've enabled it, it always appear even after a soft reset. Overall, the analog clock is very stable ( no problem after using it for the entire day ). Biggest challenge now is the wallpaper. The landscape wallpaper issue is going to be hard nut to crack. There are so many new files and I have not even look at 10% of what they are doing. It is going to be very time consuming and I'm pretty busy now wt my professional job ( another long biz trip coming up ). So, let's see how it goes. :D As for changing the text on the right top corner, refer to my tutorial on post #3 here.
  12. I'd realised that I have not put up the new transparent clock as a seperate cab. Will upload this shortly. :(
  13. Need some volunteer who has Duttys ROM flashed to test this out. This cab will install a transparent analog clock and changes the flipclock to white on transparent. Similar to the pic above. Let me know whether it works for you. ------------ Darn.....just realised that I lost my taskbar manager on the top right corner during testing. Anybody knows how I can turn it on again through some settings? Or, a hard reset is required..... B) OK.....found it. Me and my itchy hand. :( ------------- Cab removed and now on first post.
  14. The "Ultimate Basic" cab still requires a analog cab to display the clock. So, after installing the basic cab, follow with an analog clock of your selection. And, don't forget to add a wallpaper. :( ----------------------- I guess almost time to release the analog theme minus the wallpaper for duttys ROM. Testing went well. Be on the lookout. B)
  15. I'm doing some testing now as the digital clock suddenly went berserk and does not respond after a couple of minutes. Last update has been stable for an hour till now. B) . The analog clock also washout the home wallpaper and I've managed to get it back on but losing the digital clock button pressed animation. So, still need to work on it. Biggest problem is to crack the wallpaper for all tabs. I guess this is going to be very tough given the fact that the landscape wallpaper need to be fixed first. Even with the original wallpaper change, it only shows up as portrait on the landscape mode. Not very pleasant looking.
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