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  1. Can you tell us where did you find it? And how much is it? Thanks!
  2. To disable channel broadcast FOREVER download a new rom (R42v, R44 or R45). You can disable them and won't receive any of this SMS anymore, even after reboot. I'm using R42v and I never get those messages. I also don't lose signal anymore...
  3. Or a modified R42, like the recent R42v (I'm currently using it)
  4. R45 ROM does have this feature but it is only available with chinese so I think you won't be interested in it :)
  5. Does anyone have an SDIO card with a Windows Mobile 2003 driver to test on a Mitac 8390? It could be a great news to know that out phone supports SDIO expansions!!
  6. Can you tell us what firmware version are you using? I'd like to try your multilanguage version... Thanks
  7. I know there is a wrapper that takes requests to GAPI and translates them to GDI. It does not work in all cases because it is not placed in the \windows directory, but in \storage\windows, which is not always used as a first choice by applications. I got it working without troubles by renaming gx.dll and copying new gx.dll and gxorig.dll to the \windows folder. Is there a way to make a wrapper gx.dll to the real GAPI APIs? We can rename the original gx.dll to gy.dll and then make a fake gx.dll, digitally signed, put into \windows, that can be used by applications. I'm a programmer but I never developed to mobile platforms, so I don't know anything about GAPI and I need your help. Please, we can resolve the gapi issue forever!!
  8. Did you flash an 8380 with the 8390 rom??? :shock: Argh, I don't think there's a way to re-flash it because you need an usb connection and it is initialized during the bootstrap... Maybe you should bring your phone to a Mitac center...
  9. Quick answer: No. Long ansewer: 8390 does NOT support IO cards.
  10. Hello I always used to keep my mmc into the 8390 but some day ago I left the card to one of my friends and I saw that the battery lasts 5-6 days, exactly the double of time with card inserted! I've looked around this forum to find out a program to switch on/off the card without having to insert/extract it from phone, but I only found one for the E200 (not working for 8390). My question is: is ther any app to do this task avaiable for the mitac 8390? Thanks
  11. This was the problem. By signing ALL exe, dlls and plgs it works! Thank you.
  12. You guys are great! Now this phone is REALLY the best smartphone on the market! (mpx220 is not yet out :D) I can run many games I didn't before but there are some issues i can't resolve. I downloaded betaplayer 0.04, removed the old 003, installed the new version, signed the exe file and the phone says it cannot run the program because it is NOT signed!? So I tried to sign all the dlls in betaplayer directory but nothing changes. I get the same problem with Motocross Stunt Racer. Any idea? BTW, my phone IS unlocked...
  13. Hello! I found a program called "SmartPhone Turbo" at http://www.novomobile.com/ (free to download as it is a beta). It should overclock the phone processor up to 300MHz... Do you know something about it? It is safe? (I know they say that it CANNOT damage your phone, but... :roll: ) BladeRun
  14. Please help, I bought a Mio 8390 but everything is in chinese! :) :lol: How can I configure english? Do I need to change the ROM? :shock:
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