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  1. hmm i think i used newest 3.5.5... now i think it looks like the problem is not in you driver but in samsung driver... am i right ?
  2. install for example HTC Sense or SPB... and use for few minutes... on spb white squares are on 3D view and on HTC Sense on all opengl things (weather, picture tab, music tab, home tab with weather) i can be you beta tester if you will :P i cook ROMs and i use only Sense :)
  3. -white squares on new kernel from wm6.5.x ROMs (like je1, je3, jh2) i think this ROMs are not test... they are updates for specific operators/country's (JH2 is for XEE branding)
  4. GinKage -> how is your Galaxy S ? :P tell us please that it works good and you can work on drivers for o2 :) hehe
  5. another mirror (pass: modaco.pl) http://hotfile.com/dl/67005419/1af093d/I8000NXXJH2.7z.html
  6. WM6.5.3 @ DDmen - you was quicker :) i have donate 5 euro for it heh.... and i'm uploading it right now :P - Xtra menu works good :(
  7. i know its not from FUS from Quattro, that's why i wrote this :( btw you have right, it's not our business :(
  8. CSC is not important :( you can use another multilang :( thx for sharing... downloading... btw. quattro's problem is if he give us still free his FUS app he would get more donations than now for his selfish behavior...
  9. this is custom ROM, i can make you XXJG9 ROM if you want hehe :D
  10. it's WM6.5 on 21895 build. nothing new for now...
  11. rhodium sense support landscape :lol: btw. it would be nice to update drivers to new kernel from wm6.5.x ROMs (like je1, je3)... in this ROMs is more RAM but Sense have white squares in calendar/weather/photos tab :D i think a lot of peples would be happy and donate :D right guys ? br
  12. I have a few problems, you have to wait a little longer sorry...
  13. heh it looks like it is only update arabic... nothing new becouse JE2 had 21895 build...
  14. When Sense on wm6.5.x will be ready i can try to make tf3d ;) few days and new ROMs will be rady
  15. Jazz8 -> exactly, i wait for new co0ki home tab 1.8.1 ;) miguel_pf -> realy i dont know heheh :( good that you like my ROM :)
  16. if you find me working fix i will add it... i dont have BT headset to test it
  17. are you use lockscreen from co0ki home tab mod ? if yes it is a little bit bugy :)
  18. i it will have co0ki 1.8... i'm waiting for v1.8.1 with repaired bugs
  19. go to weather tab, click menu, and click enable my location
  20. i will make WM6.5.x ROM, i prefer to wm6.5.x ROMs and i use only that hehe :) i have repaired some bugs... now i use new Sense 2.5.2013 and some other stuf :)
  21. strange when i add appoitment in calendar tab i see it on home tab and in touch calendar...
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