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  1. hmm samsung calendar dont make any problem... what a problem you have ?
  2. i dont have any problems and i think nobody have hehe :)
  3. HTC Sense always changed this... i will search what the problem
  4. i dont have any problem with this... try to go to WM settings -> connections -> USB to PC and change setting
  5. this is fast lite rom... if i delete more files sense will not work better
  6. ohhh ok :) @all -> if someone can make mirrors on for example megaupload it will be nice... i have slow upload :/
  7. i have removed VoiceCommand package from SYS, maybe it is this that make problems ? i will make quick test ROM maybe tomorrow
  8. i know... i have already made some tests :) unfortunately edit home tab dont work :)
  9. chokia -> can you pleas copy link for this fix for internet tab ? Ghosti -> hmm i have now my PLK ROM and it works... i dont remember settings names in english but it is in samsung settings -> firs tab -> touch alert (?) -> and you select keybord/ and second option vibrating (sorry if this names are different hehe)
  10. you must enable largeindicator... here you have: http://www.4shared.com/file/TzmAjBiU/Large...E2_Omnia_2.html
  11. just go to samsung settings and turn it on :(
  12. Strange... did you make HardReset after flash new ROM ? XDA_UC -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=503060
  13. it is possible... but it is lot of work :( i made almost perfect m2d but some bugs i cant repair :/ but i will try :(
  14. kydkylin -> thanks for link, I was looking for this :( i will try to port it, mat226 -> i know this bug, but i dont know why it dont work :/ you can change manualy clock type in registy [HKLM \ Software \ HTC \ Manila \ Co0kie \ HomeLevel1] and change in Clock.Layout value from 0 to 5 :( @all -> dont ask how it work... just try hehe :o
  15. I accept NO responsibility for any damage caused to your handset before, during and after updating it with these ROMs. Using custom ROMs has risks attached to it, and can be dangerous. Proceed with caution. ::: Donations are welcome ::: First of all... Hi to all ! :( Maybe someone of you know me from Omnia 1 ROM scene :( maybe no one... I will show you my custom ROMs on Samsung Omnia 2 i8000 :o ok, let's begin... for start 2 ROMs on 21904 build, one with HTC Sense 2.5.2012 and second normal version, this are my first English ROMs to i8000 and there can be some bugs :o ROMs are based on ROM i8000NXXJE2 In archive are PDA and CSC files, it is recommended to use my CSC file and update eboot to at least JE2 version. Changelog: 02.06.2010 Removed: loooot of unnecessary files, samsung wigdets, almost all rigntones, 1 left Samsung Games Audio Note Digital frame DMC Facebook Midomi, Movie editor Podcast Qik RSS SharePix Smart Search SmartConverter SmartMemo SmartReader SmartSync youtube opera Aplication Store AS PLayer Cube Samsung file manager samsung calculator Large indicator Main Menu Help task switcher, WindowsLive WelcomeCenter ...and some more that i don't remember :D updated os to 21904, power on/off animation and sound, disabled certificates check, disabled by default Samsung dialer (if you want video call, switch it on in Advanced Config) disabled by default touch sounds, error sounds etc... enabled vibration by receiving SMS, disabled by default lockscreen, changed time for switch off screen to 60sec Phone name changed to Samsung Omnia 2 disabled calibration on first boot, system settings are enabled in advanced config you can change number of columns in main menu (3 or 4) Added: [*] HTC Sense 2.5.2012 + Co0ki Home Tab 1.7.1 MOD + flip clock patch -> only in HTC Sense version [*] CHTEditor -> only in HTC Sense version [*] MortScript [*] XDA_UC [*] cleanRAM v2.2 [*] Advanced Config 3.3 [*] DialUpEnablerDisabler v0.5 [*] OpenGL ES 3D drivers v0.26 [*] HTC Task Manager [*] HTC Calculator [*] Total Commander [*] smi_wm_pro_sdk_redist_2_1_0 [*] PsShutXP [*] Shake and Save [*] PIM Backup [*] AutoRotationSet [*] O2 Flash [*] HTCSensorSDK Screens: Normal: HTC Sense Download (pass: modaco): Sense: Download mirror Normal: Download
  16. it's HTC Sense MOD... but it looks like spb...
  17. hehe it is a surprise :( i use my own rom with htc sense 2.5.2012 :rolleyes:
  18. becouse JD8 is official on samsung server, and JE1 and JE2 not :rolleyes:
  19. hmm for now not... but if there will be peoples that would use them, i can try to make something foru you :)
  20. my last ROMs in first post... sorry for bugs but i dont use Omnia 1 any more... thanks for support my work :)
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