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  1. yes... and it works :) ho ho ho merry christmas ;) sorry for links from 28008 but i dont know what happend... i have not removed it... hmm strange...
  2. new links here http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1131108 default pagepool ;) more RAM
  3. now it looks better ;) when i will be at home i will upload new versions ;) sorry for my mistake...
  4. you can guys make tutorial what to install to work in china... i will write this in second post
  5. sorry but not... i think to make one more version of my roms with classic M2D
  6. lsherif - ahhh my bad!! sorry ;) i forgot that i tested pagepol 15MB ;) and i dont change it to default ;) but you can try maybe it will be good move ;) bxxxn -> strange... i tested that rom now and it is ok...
  7. I'm back ;) here you have for test 2 ROMs... both are that same... but builds are different... 23616 and 28014 ... you can test witch build is better ;) Only M2D ver. for now Change log: - removed Favorite settings, - removed Opera Browser (you can install that version that you wont) - new menu look (thanks for Sector!) - new Wi-Fi Router Download (pass: omnia): 23616 - MediaFire 28014 - MediaFire
  8. is there for real so change when you all use WOW SRS ? i cant hear any changes in sound :D
  9. so what do I write? "Yes I'll do anything for you even if I can not do this"
  10. 1. it works 2. i will see 3. i cant 4. no... 5. it is in all roms 6. i will see
  11. add something to favorites and it will be not freezing
  12. guys slow down please... i can't make different ROMs for all of you... one of you wants Omnia Lite apps.... one not... one wants this and that... sorry guys but i have my own things to do... (work, fiancee (in August is the wedding hehe) ) mrhendrik -> i don't know changes :D for first look they are that same... Leiz -> i make backup only for contacts by PIM Backup... and i have it in XDA_UC folder... everything installs by it self m2d v2.0 is not so stable as previous versions... it may have bugs and i can not do enything with this :/ and M2DC is to bugy with this version... not everything works ... i will make 28005 next ROM... i will wait few days if is something new in builds world if not you will seenew 28005 ROM :(
  13. hmm google translate is so bad ? i think it looks no so bad :D
  14. here you have tutorial on my blog... translated by google :D http://omniablog.pl/en/2009/11/29/dodatkow...domienia-w-m2d/
  15. i wrote this few times ! switch on Wifi router to make WIFIRouter selection in Comm manager not greyed and it will be ok
  16. try this one for weather fix: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?s=&sho...t&p=1118117 sorry but i don't know french... and it will be difficult to cook that rom :D EL FUERTE -> strange... but i dont know any fix for it... kevin2210 -> don't change anything in Fltouch
  17. most of them are solved in new roms... 28002 is realy nice... only few pictures in weather on home screen are bugy :D guys i have new builds.... 23091, 23511 and 28005 whith one i have use in next ROM ? ;)
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