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  1. if everything is working ok i will make update in first post
  2. switch on once Wifi Router... then in Comm manager this option will be not greeyed and switching off wifi is ok
  3. a po co instalujesz FTouchSL 2.1 skoro jest on juz w ROMie ? why you install FTouchSL 2.1 ? it is cooked in ROM
  4. ups.... i must update all weather images... sorry for that
  5. sorry guys but yesterday I possessed a new game;) (COD WM2) and played all day give me hmm one hour :)
  6. You are ROMoholic :) wait... i have whole day :D (in poland is now 1:40 PM) :D
  7. 28002 added in first post... if you want any langs write here
  8. you need "only" 329$ to buy this tool http://www.omnia-repair.com/ and you can repair omnia's :) i have it in my service... if someone want to repair omnia in poland...
  9. what do you think guys with new theme ? is it good or go back to old look :) ?
  10. yup... and it's based on 23090... i will upload it later
  11. what are you talking about ? i have cooked in my polish ROM FtouchL and everything works nice...
  12. kinettig scrolling works... it will be in next rom
  13. hmm i use it to on cooked in manila...what happens when you select Manila2D.exe and select Slow Init ?
  14. lsherif -> i have made i tutorial in polish on my blog how to change apps in m2d -> http://omniablog.pl/en/2009/11/13/zmiana-d...plikacji-w-m2d/ this is google translate but i thing you will know what i meen :) kiro777 -> i think something changed in lockscreen... i will check this dinik -> default titanium is in lite and normal version... djsolidsnake86 -> those are my animations... you will not find them anywhere Dj Lukas -> i wrote this few times... IT DON'T WORK PROPERTY ON NON THREADED VIEW... use threaded view
  15. nice ! at last something is running in cooking for omnia 2 :)
  16. in m2d is no titanium yes messaging is freezing in non threated view... there is solution for this but then is no way to send mms... that why you must use threated mode
  17. search good :D i have made to a wm6.1 ROM on 21054 build :)
  18. @all it's nice to hear that you like my ROMs :) thanks for support :D @omar junior Operator settings are working good... sometimes (in m2d roms) they "hide" under M2D when it starts... @George_red_storm it was written few times.... Lite is withaut my 3th party apps and without Office and one nowe... it's LITE rom... for more memory normal have office... my apps... little smaller memory space
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