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  1. i found a issue about the use htc player with bluetooth...AVRCP don't work(i can't control player from my bluetooth headset) so i think if you have a fix or something to do, to make this works...with s2p player avcrp work....i found this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=581674 in xda forum but i don't understand completely how to make it work...

    sorry my poor english...


    if you find me working fix i will add it... i dont have BT headset to test it

  2. HI everyone, i dont know if its just me or the rom have a problem with the lock option... When i have the phone locked i press the camera button and the phone just unlocks and run the app; if a press and hold the end button the phone just turn off, the thing is that the lock option its useless, or i have a bad setup...

    Anyone with the same problem?

    Sorry my english.

    are you use lockscreen from co0ki home tab mod ? if yes it is a little bit bugy :)

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