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  1. i know it's off topic but i'd rather get your low down on the phone sitting on top of the redfly!
  2. yeah, i was hoping the beta and possiby the full version would have been out by now. i wonder if Paul can enlighten us... :D
  3. so any update from anybody on when this might be available? it's clearly gogin to be available with the touch diamond (rebranded presumably) but i NEED it for my touch dual!
  4. it would be good to know about future non touchscreen smartphone development. and Android, but they wont answer anything about that!
  5. does this device have any discernible differences (improvements) compared to the year (18 months?) old HTC Excalibur apart from the wifi?
  6. yeah, the more i think about it the less likely it'll have a keyboard of any kind. sad. :D
  7. if that has a keyboard i'll have one, my new mda plus will have to go straight on ebay. :D
  8. this is very exciting, pleased they demoed it with the guardian site, that's painfully slow on PIE, bring on the BETA!
  9. Just ordered mine through customer services. even got a reduction on my monthly bill too! it's coming tomorrow before 1pm. :)
  10. well presumably there's some small licensing fee to pay that they don't like but it is worth every penny. i've tried other input mechanisms (like tengo or whatever its called) which is alright, but when it comes down to it phonepad is much easier (shame its not available anywhere else!?). i bet the Americans see their iphones upgraded with a phonepad type input device within weeks of it coming out :rolleyes: keep at them Paul, i'm relying on you to sort this particular issue out, until they do i'll keep my buttons and try and remember what they're for... :P
  11. AGAIN! the lack of PhonePad "T9" predictive text input is the killer here. this looks like a really good device, perfect for almost anything but you NEED to get out the stylus to write a text message! HTC need to figure this out straight away. modern phones need to have text input and an onscreen keyboard just isn't practical, this is why WM devices with keyboards are so popular. i bet any 7 year old kid can enter text on their normal keypad phone faster than anyone can with a stylus... to summarise in a simple message to HTC: PHONEPAD IS ESSENTIAL* * well actually it's not, what is essential though is that you can use the device with one hand.
  12. Paul, could you do some comparison shots with the other new pretenders?
  13. i have to say that having WnW is much better than having wifi. its so much more simple and TBH where there is a wifi connection i can use i have a computer anyway. granted WnW costs though, but not much considering.
  14. this removal of the phonepad app is a big deal for me, its pushed me off pocketpc and back to smartphone. it makes single handed usage very awkward
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