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  1. Hmm, equal or lower priced bundle. If someone were to let just use 3mb on the 2mb bundle (£7) a month after using 3 mb on the unlimited bundle (£6), the price would not be equal or lower. The £6 bundle cannot cost you more than £6, so unless orange blocked usuage of more than 2 and 2/3 mb they would be breaking their promise. Also, which is the lower price - 5 objects for £1 or 15 objects for £2? Isn't price a measure of value? A new Ferrari for £50,000 is a good price yet a Ford Ka for £10000 is a bad price.
  2. I think you're right mattat. It's not that Orange have really misled anyone, it's just frustrating for the actual price to be immensly different from the promotional price. It makes you wonder how much money Orange lost by putting on the promotion, that's assuming they did lose money. If thats the only price orange can afford to charge for GPRS then the phone has been sold with features that aren't economically viable after June. The money lost by orange on the promotional period would be immense, but I doubt this is the case. I believe Orange could offer GPRS cheaper, but it needs to see that it is in its interest to do this. Thats why i'll be using the PAYG GPRS after my June billing date, and that will only be for using Planus SMS. If Orange were to improve their prices, I would probably change.
  3. adam

    4G....Yes 4!!

    I'll get you yet Clint :twisted:
  4. adam

    4G....Yes 4!!

    Dammit - I looked, it wasn't there. Oh hang on - more news: It's official - further maths revision causes blindness!!!
  5. adam

    4G....Yes 4!!

    Yep, just as 3g seems to be round the corner look what the Japanese do! Full Story DoCoMo, hmm reminds me of something;)
  6. Seems like the offspring of a PC and a PS2, with Nintendo choosing the name! Looks nice, but I agree with your quote on the possible cost.
  7. You and most of Munich! http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/30912.html
  8. adam

    Pauls magic avatar

    He has it on random, switching between three, I think.
  9. The phone in question is the Sony Ericsson T610. More :lol:
  10. Microsoft MVP...Linux Xbox, is that allowed?
  11. Full Story I thought Nokia Smartphone was an oxymoron. Maybe not.
  12. It is a good price. Ebay is a good place to look to compare, ebuyer has had some good sd prices lately. And at £50 for 256mb you're paying less for the 2nd 128mb than the first!
  13. Hehe, rabbits revenge! :lol:
  14. Clit Licking Frog A woman passes a pet shop when she notices a sign in the window. 'Clit Licking Frog - Enquire Within'. She walks inside, and says to the man behind the counter "I was just reading your sign in the window..." The man replies "Bonjour Madame".
  15. Switch to numbers by holding *, then press 0.
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