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  1. Hi, do anyone know if there is a widget/shortcut that can be placed on the screen to lock up the phone ??? The settlement of the galaxy's lock button is not convienient for me, and a kind of shortcut on the main screen would make my life easier!! :) Greets!
  2. Hi, We are looking for any help, especially developers who could help us to get Android work on Samsung Jet S8000!!! The status of the project is changing from minute to minute but there is still a lot of work and we would appreciate any help!!! Intressted in this topic please visit: Jetdroid project or Jetdroid on Darkforestgroup forum Thanks !!!!
  3. When the relase version is ready could you post also the taskbar, phon-ex and s2u2 cabs??? I tried several times to get similar look on my omnia but I always make something wrong and have to hard reset... ;) Your theme ROCKS man!!! ;)
  4. Ok. Perhaps the problem is that I used XDA_UC without the subfolder SD. But I must say, I really didn't have this issue ever... :P
  5. That's the first time I'm using OCK's Rom, and it's very nice, in Premium Version you can see infuance of htc devices, but... It's the first time EVER!!! I'm having so many problems with XDA_UC folder and aplications!!! It's HORRIBLE!!! I have my standard "pack" of aplications that I always use, and as far as I can remeber there have never been problems with cabs like skyfire etc. The installation progress freezes and I have to format my device over and over again... The autorun solution that should be in tools folder is not available and the one in windows folder just doesn't work... cruel but true. I strongly recomend to ask RYRZY how he solved this problem with XDA_UC - I used his roms for a very long time, never having this issue...
  6. Hi Sector, Watching what new Omnia II can, (on http://omnia.samsungmobile.com/index.html# ) I found a new aplication for notes, called memo. Is there a similar one for omnia lite, and can we get it?? Greetings and thanks man for hard work! P.S. I've managed to replace the orginal omnia samsung aps by coping the omnia lite appropriate, and there was a problem with tclock and tcalendar, because of the names so I've renamed them under Linux Mint < copied to storage card the orginals, renamed in linux and pasted into windows folder> . Works perfectly...
  7. It works for me. Thanks! ( P.S. I have to do it twice, on Start screen and home screen then - works. Can live with it.)
  8. There are some issues in the latest rom: 1. When I use finger keyboard, after typing letters "2mm leftover of the key's pop-ups" stays on the display. It's like every key that you used leaves a 2mm markup above the keyboard. When you close the fingerkeyb and open it again everthing is ok... Will re-installing the fingerkeyboard ( fingerkeyb fix in the thread) solve the problem?? How to reinstall the keyboard since it is provided with the rom and installed in windows directory? I've tried once to do it, and it resulted in formating my device, because omnia didn't want to restart after soft reset... 2. Second thing is that is quite impossible to use the notifications up bar... the newest manila looks great with this improved "small top bar" but... I tried and tried to lauch the wm6.5 notification window ( with battery, volume lev. and so on...) but It's REALLY HARD - I've managed to do it only once since I'm using the rom...
  9. First impressions: 1. The look is great!!! Especially Elegance ! 2. Omnia slows very much compared to standard themes 3. The arrow to jump to the second menu is no more 4. I assume the second menu is no more... My opinion : Great design job but it has to be faaaaaaster...
  10. Guys, maybe it helps someone to install it. I had a few problems: 1. You won't be able installing it if some of previous Samsung today stuff is actually in use 2. So best disable everything in today 3. go to task manager and also disable everything without your file explorer of course 4. Install the .cab file P.S. I would appreciate if someone made from this one "HUGE" cab a three different one so that the storage won't be so affected and I could pick me only what I like Thanks a lot!
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