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  1. i found the problem, it was the anti-virus, when i disable it, every thing went fine, i user the i8000lite_v2_eng but i don't see the packages list, there is only MyOEM. ;)
  2. yes i did, i changed the ImgfsFromDump.exe to windows XP SP3, and i go no more windows error, but the RomTool give the same error "imgfs-new.bin not Found"
  3. every thing went fine until the last step [17. then just wait... maybe 5-10 minutes depend on you computer speed... you should get the result like this:] last thing on ImgfsFromDump.exe was i get this windows error and this is the error in RomTool.exe would you please help me ;) i am working on windows 7 32bit
  4. solve it by turning off the "preserve my storage content" and performing another flash. :)

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