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  1. i assume u are tlking about the cstar program for mio 8380? if that's it then u can reinstall it from the mio 8380 cd that came with the phone.. pm me if u lost the disc..i can send it to u
  2. hey it's me again...i came across this site while looking at car forums...u can bascially get pics of any car in here... car domain hurry hurry! my friends loved the gtr homescreen u made but i would LOVE it if it's the streeet version of the gtr r34....thx
  3. nvm the color problem is fixed....a hard reset fixed it
  4. thx man for the great homescreen is it possible to add the name of the shortcut highlighted in the recent launched programs because i moved the shortcuts to various folders so my programs menu isnt as crowded second suggestion:can u make the font size in the calendar same sized as the font size used in the profiles because chinese characters are sort of unreadable at that size but it's all fine in the profiles menu btw this homescreen works on mio 8380 so it should on the spv too thx once again for the homescreen...oh...plz check the other thread where u asked for pics of the r34...i attached a zip containing different angles of a r34 *edit i cant see any selected color when i m at the programs menu anyway to fix this? thx
  5. i dont know where my r400 pics went but i still have some gtr r34 pics left crap quality but it's good enough i think see if u can make use of this gtr.zip
  6. mod done.... shell looks not too nice now....will sand the cover and respray when i bother to buy paint mio8380加燈.zip
  7. sweet...... hey there is a photo gallery that is made for the nismo r400 there's like a load of pictures of the car at different agnles.. dont know if you still can find it but i had that site a few months ago...
  8. had enough modding for tonight but i mangaed to get the led installed.... still need to put the switch on and shorten the wire then it should be ok..] will post some pics later
  9. the excel idea sounds great
  10. skyline_gtr

    mio 8380 flip monitor light fix

    yea i removed it *edit i updated the file...... if anyone need it pm me..
  11. skyline_gtr

    mio 8380 flip monitor light fix

    ok i guess no one needs it it's going
  12. skyline_gtr

    8390 mms program translated

    from the top of the page?
  13. umm...nope this problem is happening to a few people i know of... some have worse problems...(outside monitor not showing/showing wrong call ID#).... and the 8390...not something i could afford before
  14. ouch....3HK is offering free unlocks on the phones now so you can use 2G cards on them....since the phones are SO buggy and CRAP reception
  15. tried manually selecting the network in the non 3G phone when using the 3G sim card? that still works in hong kong

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