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  1. Hi Team, Just flashed to 23001 PP12. and have a couple of observations. Could someone please advise as to whethwer they are problems or features! 1) My e-mail list seems to have been double-spaced, with larger lines between each of the mails in the list. 2) I have also noticed the same "effect" in the "remove programs" list. I have changed the font size but this has no effect 3) When on a call, if I move in such a way that the screen orientation changes, the call gets cut off. (I had this on a previous ROM also) I had to use Merge Level three when restoring with Sprite. Is this normal? As I write, I seem to have sync problems where AS says that there are items to be resolved but synching seems to be in a loop and will not finish. More on this later! Cheers
  2. I have an Omnia with a 6.5 ROM. WMP is installed but there are no skins so although it launches it doesn't work. So, can someone point me to where I can d/l a fresh copy or point me to some skins that will work with the QWVGA resolution? Thanks
  3. Team, I think this must be a simple question but I have searched the forum and can't find the answer! How can I configure the "Start" button soft key to open SPB Mobile Shell instead of the default Omnia menu? Thanks
  4. Yep, did all that. Still no sign of an HKLM Registry key to change the Bluetooth Headset settings per Chokia's post. Also can't change the speaker settings as they are greyed out! :D
  5. I expect this is a really dumb question but in Chokia's guide, reference is made to the registry for the setting up of the Omnia for stereo B/T headphones. The registry script is: HKLM\\Drivers\BuiltIn\BtA2dpSnd "OutputDevice"="bta2dp.dll" "Dll"="R2VS_ARM_WM5_PPC_Driver.dll" I only have registry entries beginning "HKEY". Is the HKLM a completely new set of entries that I need to add or am I missing something!! :D
  6. It freezes while gathering the library data - always at the same point. I would assume that it was something being catalogued but other apps have no problem so I was hoping it was a quirk with WMP. Also, WMP is skinless but I have assumed that this is the way it is and it's down to me to get skins. AmI correct or is this a problem? Cheers
  7. I think my Windows Media Player is damaged. Is there a cab file I can use to re-install? Thanks
  8. Wow, that looks mega complicated for a simple chap like me :D . Are there any istructions as to how to use this tool? Cheers
  9. Hi Team, Khuanchai, you have heard it all before but this rom is brilliant - thanks for all your hard work (and having patience with everyone!!). I have one problem with this ROM - my volume levels are too low. I have used the "secret" codes to look at the dB levels but they are at the max but my headset is woefully low - I need everything to 100% just to get a reasonable (but still quiet) volume. The headset is fine as it works well on other devices. any ideas? Thanks
  10. Back to Basics!! 1) What is the "B/T fix" referred to in the thread title? 2) What is the camera improvement introduced by Pako? Cheers
  11. Morning all, is there any way to get the task switching icon in the to right hand corner to show on all apps? Currently, I can only see it on the SPB Mobile Shell home page. Also, is there a Titanium7 cab file that I can install as my restore has damaged/deleted Titanium files loaded by the ROM (per my earlier post), Thanks
  12. I have had a good trawl but cannot find a solution - I found a fix for CHome but that's it. I think I need to reinstall Titanium but don't think there is a cab. I had the same problem with the previous ROM so have to conclude that I have a clash but don't know where to look! Cheers
  13. Thanks for this, had a good look through but no joy. I tried to create a new panel and found a windows text file missing mut as soon as this was fixed other errors were reported that made it look pretty terminal. I have uploaded a couple of screenshots in case they hold the clue! (I don't have a website to put them on).
  14. Help with Titanium please. Just downloaded the latest 3 in 1. Well done K - superb release. I have one problem. I would like to try Titanium but I cannot get it to launch. It worked when the ROM had just been flashed but when I restored my apps, it wouldn't launch. Can anyone give me a pointer as to how to get Titanium working? Is there a cab that can re-install, refresh or repair if necessary? Thanks
  15. Now, here's an odd one. I am using DXID1/21222.5.0.0, 3-in-1. Yesterday, I decided to upgrade Resco Keyboard from 5.1 to 5.2. When I re-boot and go through the lock screen, the device spends a few seconds starting then freezes. If at the lock screen, I choose to open with the contacts or messaging tab, the device boots correctly. i have removed Resco Keyboard and the device boots normally. The previous version of Resco keyboard worked without problems. Any ideas? Cheers
  16. My Omnia also performs all the functions as you describe, but when the screen tries to switch off (after a minute or so) it comes alive again. It dims but does not go off. I am running a 6.5 ROM but seem to remember having the same problem with 6.1
  17. Hi team, Sorry to quote myself but this seems to have got lost in the mire. Khuanchai said that he did not use B/T in a car so couldn't comment. For car drivers, I believe this is a significant issue but I do not know how to provide more info so that master chef Khuanchai can look at the problem. I am sure that this is a generic issue but have not seen others talk about the problem. In short, when connected to my car's B/T system, the screen stays on and the battery drains in just a couple of hours. Can anyone else throw some more light on this? Cheers
  18. Really confused now! If this was a known problem earlier and Opera is built into my ROM, how can it be specific to my phone? Could I have a registry entry that has been re-loaded from a back-up? If so, any idea where I should look to correct this? Would a fresh cab overwrite the problem? Thanks UPDATE........ Just installed 9.5b 15233. Istalled without drama and the problem has gone.
  19. Team, I have an image I would like to post but can't see how to do it! The (minor) problem is that I have just upgraded to the new ROM and Opera STILL has a series of numbers against each of the menu items. Is this a known problem? Can a clean copy of opera be used instead of the ROM-based copy? Cheers
  20. You can get to the B/T settings through "wireless manager" - "menu". Khuanchai, if you are going to be looking at B/T issues, can you take a look at the screen always being on when connected to B/T in the car? Cheers
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