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  1. Like many others, after typing nothing seems to happen, it just returns to the prompt. The SD card still shows as external in the device, with no option to change it. I'm running this on a Galaxy Tab 2 (SM-T805Y) on which I've installed MM. I notice I don't get the option "software transfer mode" under the USB connection types, but I assume that because the adb shell is running this isn't the cause.
  2. I had Tomtom 7 working fine yesterday, using the Enhanced GPS - XTRA Enable method on Com 3. If I changed the device to use another port, that port would be available for selection in Tomtom. All was good. Today, I tried using it again, and it tells me "No GPS device". So I go to check the NMEA device settings, and only port 5 and 9 are available for selection. Yesterday it allowed me to use port 3. I tried switching the device GPS settings and then Tomtom's settings over to port 5, still with no luck. Any idea why I don't see any other port than 5 and 9 in Tomtom, despite what port I tell the device to use? BTW, I also had iGo8 running fine yesterday, and now it doesn't seem to work either, so I think it may be a problem with the GPS or the Omnia. Hopefully it's just the software! B)
  3. Does anyone have instructions/links for flashing the i900 back to the original ROM it shipped to Australia with? After playing with the Manila ROM, I'm keen to go back and do some troubleshooting using the original. BTW, current settings are: PDA: i900DTHJ9/M2D03 Phone: i900XXHJ1
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