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  1. who said desire is hard to root? indeed is easier than osf. there is a one click root sw around, click it sit down and it will root it for you. speak abt my experience sbout desire is a better build and look than osf at 40 quid is almost like free. however the battery life is a main concern u can tweak it with some roms or sw, at the end i still think after all the phone is still lag so i decided to trade in and get 180 for it and top up another 200+ for gs2
  2. bought it for a year been running data 24-7 since janurary 200gb have gone through this thing and everything is still fine besides the poor battery life
  3. like damuffinman im a local as well :D probably abit too late i strongly recommend to go to huaqiangbei road! Man theres like the biggest treasure chest in Asia, if you are looking for mobile phones and computers etc I don't really recommend going to hong kong's shum shui po golden computer centre, or mong kok unless you are local, because the aftersales is better! As for a foreigner not much aftersales is needed therefore is much more sensible to go to huaqiangbei, since many of those item orignally comes from here, Top tips from the locals as in purchasing in huaqiangbei :) -Always check items you buying, make sure everything is alright before you leave, keep an eye on the product you purchasing make sure it wont get swop to another faulty or defect item -Always bargain never agree with inital price, if they refuse to sell you at that price move on to another one, they are all shops selling similar items, you will be suprise at the end how cheap it can be compare to the initall price. -Buying in bulks,remember the more you buy the more it can be cheaper. However warn you that if you buying in bulk make sure you check everything carefully or elese you will be regreting -Always head on to the higher floors of the centre to source for cheaper product, as for lower floor the rental price is more expensive, due to is accesibity hence price is much more, to my experience lower floor shops has close relationship to higher floors, all items you buy from lower floors comes from higher floor. So you know what to do :P -Do not carry excesive quantity product crossing the hong kong border, you might look suspicious and custom might held your items! get some postal service near huaqiangbei and post it back to your country, be sure to ask about import tax issues, you might able to escape it but i cannot give you details on it :huh: good luck!
  4. Buy the orange san fransico aka zte blade £99 cannot go wrong, been using it as a hotspot 24-7 and vega hook up perfectly. advent vega and orange san francisco both very good price value ratio probably best companion :huh:
  5. own it since october, the oled one so far so good on r5 2.2 cant be bother to flash it anymore, only con for this probably the battery life, drop so fast perhaps i have many things on desktop require constant data access. It lives a tough life too been using the wireless ap day and night for a month or 2, battery constantly at hight at 44-45 degress still everything is working fine, no digitizer problem with me! for £99 pounds (i got mine £60 pounds) is a deal breaker!
  6. oh good to see there is a supported 3g card is possible to fit in, recalling few weeks ago when i contacted advent vega team on twitter they say there is a possibility that a 3g module could be an add-on option in the future
  7. people don't worry if you have order yours but not receives it is only a week or 2 i bet no one has ever waited longer than me 24 november order and receive on 20 of december.........
  8. thank you very much yea you were right i have to put the image file under maomao :( thank you finally is slove oh is looks not finish yet i do see light when i plug in the usb but in file manger my card is not detecteed??
  9. thank you df has work :( however i still cant get the push image to work if you see my print screen above i have got the image file under the same directory is it meant to be in same folder or inside the vega itself?
  10. hi i have almost given up hope on the windows 7 one and jump on to the xp where i install my r5 from i have done a print screen adb does show up my devices however when i try to push image it say it cannot stat image no such directory and when i ttry to adb shell only a # key has shown up????
  11. thank you all im going for lunch too :( i have tried it in disk drive it has nivida tegra 2 usb drive comes up usb composite device and android adb composite interfrace hmmmmmm
  12. yea i selected pick me than the screen has a have disk option and i select that one and than it will only let me select a .inf file so i choose "android_winusb.inf" and than proceed on
  13. the hardware manager shows up the usb harmony drive i try to force update using pauls usb drive and select have disk, do i point to a .inf file? it updated it but still do not show up in adb
  14. i guess i just got to give up on this :( is hopeless thanks for everyone who help just simple dunno where went wrong despite i follow all the instrustion try to fix it for afternoon but still nothing comes up.................
  15. i guess this is correct :( adb still says no devices connected ;)
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