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  1. amir_rafie

    Flash now your Samsung Galaxy S

    it`s my question too ... the current version is XXJF3 and I want to install the african rom , is there any problem ?!
  2. Androidandme take a benchmark with quadrant pro that isn`t in the market now, they download it from SlideME this is the result of memory test: and this is the result of I/O test: and they said that if we do a lag fix with the hint of this topic , the result of I/O test is far better , this version of quadrant has many differece from the current quadrant that you use , just see the result of I/O test for Droid X , in previous version of the result is about 1200 but now it is about 3000 !
  3. amir_rafie


    Hi , As you know, all of the 4 american versions of Galaxy S have 6 axis accelerometer which is a combination of traditional 3 axis accelerometer and a 3 axis gyroscope like iPhone 4. but what about the international version of Galaxy S ? I thought the international version has only 3 axis accelerometer but today Omar Khan in MobileBeat 2010 conference shows a slide with international version of Galaxy S and there is a sentence above it: What do you think? source: http://mobile.venturebeat.com/2010/07/12/m...-with-galaxy-s/
  4. i have a problem, when i want to see missed calls, it shows missed call`s list for 0.5 second and then dissapear ,,, any solution?!
  5. Hi Nick, Many thanks for your great roms, it`s a Rapidshare mirror for 23547 - FlotaniumLite: http://rapidshare.com/files/364698265/2354...TE__Nick_HU.rar I`ve used flotanium 28014 before this, but 23547 is superfast ! :)
  6. hi nick, thanks a lot for your works. i have a question. is there any major difference between Flotanium 28014 and Flotanium 28205?
  7. wmpoweruser said 28205 doesn`t have any change in comparison with 28014 , even 28014 is faster !<br /><br />Read what they said:<br /> Generally, nothing has changed since 28014, though it seems Internet Explorer is slightly more snappy. There are some downsides, such as massive memory usage and slow loading.<br /><br />i think we should wait for another build. http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=11808
  8. <br /><br /><br /> thanks a million ,,, that caps works good. now i have titanium, but is there anyway to return to NeoTitanium ?! (without hardreset) & two more question! , the picture gallery in Titanium & Manila shows the photos in picture folder in main memory , how could i change the address to my storage ? the weather in the home tab under the clock in Manila doesn`t update, is there any patch? thanks in advance.
  9. Second question : most of themes in wm 6.5 goodies topic is for titanium not NeoTitanium, is there any way to use them? is there any way to install titanium and use it instead of neo ? i don`t want to change the rom, i like FloTanium :)
  10. Hello, i have an issue with manile 2D , the left soft key in the home tab, changed automatically from Today to Phone , How could i return it to Today ?!
  11. Hi , All themes in this topic is for titanium and not looks properly in neoTitanium , could anyone make these panels for neotitanium ?
  12. Special thanks to nick for these great roms :) it`s a mirror for Flotanium 28014: http://rapidshare.com/files/324305452/Nick...loTanium_HU.rar
  13. thanks a lot for your great work nick ,,,, could someone tell me how much memory is free in neo 28011 rom ? or could someone sends a screenshot of memory page? thanks.
  14. hi , my current rom is DXIA5 ,, it`s an official rom based on wm 6.1 ,,, i never used a custom rom before, now i want to install Neo Build 28005 , 1-would you tell the procedure of installing a custom rom? 2-is there any problem in migrating from wm 6.1 based rom to wm 6.5 based ? 3-i don`t know anything about xda-UC , is it necessary in rom flashing process? is it necessary to make a xda_uc folder for upgarding rom ? sorry for my bad english, i`m new in flashing roms, help me please.... thanks in advance.
  15. hi , i wish dheewatara use neo in his roms,,,

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