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  1. The official version for Omnia is WM6.1. This thread is intended to help update your phone to an official ROM. See other threads for WM6.5.
  2. It looks like you don't have samsung modem installed ... install it and try again ...
  3. Change the phone version to something inferior to DZIA5. Like DZHH1 ... If you have DXID1, try to flash it to Philippine version, DXIA5 (it's similar to DZIA5) ...
  4. That's your problem ... try to be nice, this thing worked for many of us ...
  5. HK3 ... I think you should use only original firmwares ... that's the reason i've started this thread ... It's a very high risk to brick your phone with custom ROMs ...
  6. Try any custom ROM ... and then follow my first post ... You should change your actual ROM somehow in order to flash to any official one ...
  7. Follow all the steps ... changing the country is not enough ... 1. change country to Singapore 2. Change phone version to DZHH1 3. Hex edit UPDATE.exe - search for i900DX ... change to i900XX Read the whole topic before ...
  8. There are several checks before you can flash ... Country, phone version, firmware version ... If you have i900XX, you cannot flash to i900DZ for example, without HEX edit ... :)
  9. Yeap, it should work ... removing SIM card will prevent the phone to change the country at start ... ( i wrote in a previous post to decline any zone modification after changing country) Thank you for feedback :)
  10. You have to change the country to Philippines in order to flash DXHJ1 ... Try ROMs from Paul's topic ...
  11. Like i said before, try to flash to an older or custom ROM, and then follow the steps to flash to any official ROM. (please read the whole topic).
  12. Yes, you can try UK version MSHJ1, Philippine version DXHK3 or Singapore - DZHK3 (i'm using the last one). Download any firmware and follow the steps, also read the entire topic before flashing.
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