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  1. Is anybody using TTS voices with igo8? I cant get mine to work cause of sense. When shutting sense down and performing a soft reset TTS works. Anyone here with the same problem? Im using v8.3.4.102680, had the same version running on my old omnia with no problems at all. Thanks!
  2. Two ways: 1. Use BsB Tweaks, there should be an option in there for activating/deactivating autolock. 2. Change HKCU\ControlPanel\BackLight\AutoDeviceLockEnable with a registry editor to 1 (active) or 0 (inactive). Thats what BsB Tweaks will do for you.
  3. Yeah, most articles ive read on the net gave a positiv feedback. Many of the reviewers already tested their corresponding final ROM's, havent seen that much problems on one device. Maybe theres a problem with it...AntonyW999, should return it asap and get a new one.
  4. @ Paul: One thing thats still going around in my head: Hows the screen under direct sunlight? Shouldnt be that hard to check...if you have a clouds-free sky where you live :D Thanks for you really in-depth video on youtube, it was a pleasure to watch! Phil
  5. Threaded Messaging? In the samsung sms application or do they mean the standard windows mobile threaded messaging?
  6. Midomi works fine for me too (i900). Menu button works and so does the connection over 3G, i dont need WiFi to get it to work. And hell, Midomi is fast, Shazam MusicID is a turtle compared to Midomi! Finding a song in grab mode takes only about 1 or 2 seconds with three Linkin Park songs. With MusicID this was a lot slower, maybe 15-20 seconds...
  7. Hm...sounds nice. But why does Brian from pocketnow.com complain about the missing possibility to see your upcoming appointments in his review? Im just curious... ;)
  8. @ NiTTiN: Can you find a new widget which shows upcoming appointments? I could swear that i saw one of the digital clock-widget to show next appointments on a screenshot here on modaco. Same goes for the lockscreen in the new firmware: Can we see our next appointments there? Thanks!
  9. In the pocketnow.com review of the omnia II they said something about an extra background illumination, which could be activated somewhere in the settings. This would boost the visibilty but cause a battery drain like normal TFT displays would do. Could you find this setting? Was it activated in the video?
  10. Ive heard about the proximity sensor before, its definately in the omnia II, but a digital compass? Wheres that information from? Never heard of this particular fact...
  11. Hi there! Im using iGo 8.3.2 on my samsung omnia. Heres my problem: When i enter a new adress i click on "city". This takes about 2-3 seconds until i see the keyboard. Now, when i press the first key for "Berlin" it takes another 2-3 seconds until iGo8 responds and shows me the updated keyboard. Then i can press the next letter with the same lag in reaction. I dont think this is normal. I set up this iGo 8 just some days ago, everything was ok back then, i could type and iGo8 responded very quickly. Any hints? Thanks!
  12. Yep, same here. Just take a look at the pictures made with the omnia II @ gsmarena.com. Youll see, that they are much better than those of the review. At least as good as with the omnia I.
  13. Nice review. But i think there must be something wrong with their camera module. Those pictures are horrible, i dont think this is the way it should be. I saw photos on other websites made with preview units of the omnia which are much better than this (gsmarena.com for example). I guess they just have a bad unit there. But im a bit confused regarding the screen and its "milky coat" outdoors. Samsung claims that the omnia II has outstanding outdoor visibility on their website and now this. I dont think this will change till official start in europe and other major countries cause its a hardware thing. And such things are unlikely to be changed when the device is already released. But lets wait and see what other reviews report.
  14. Hm, i dont like the review. Too short for my taste and they are only talking about the small flaws of the omnia 2 most of the time, they dont mention that many good aspects of the device. We better wait for more extensive reviews on other pages.
  15. Ahh, nice one, cant wait to see some more videos on your blog! :D
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