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  1. I paid 250 (uk pounds) appx 450USD shipping was 25(uk) abbx $40usd plus the $40 to unlock tha damn thing. I like it, and am happy to pay too much for the latest tech crap. -diem
  2. Works like a charm, No worries. I don't really mind the blank screen. The battery last for days now. -diem
  3. I bought an orange c-550 on ebay a week back, and had it shipped to me in the US. I'm also complaining about battery life, as I don't have the capability of phoningup prange for a replacement so im trying to solve this with the equipment I have. Taking pagemakers advice I've swithed the screen timeout to 30 seconds to match the backlight timeout. Hopefully this will resolve my issues with battery life. HOWEVER, I still wish to pursue other methods of improving battery life, and yet I have no idea how. My thoughts are this, perhpas someone can clarify them for me... The whole issue surrounding charging the phone continuously for the first 18 hours is whats puzzeling me...Why? So lets just say that I plugged the battery in immediately out of the box and started using the phone. have I permanently ruined the battery? Is there a method for repeating the initial charge step? I've heard of batteries having a memory... Is there a way to wipe the memory? and begin again? anyway, thanks to pagemeker + others who have been diligent in their quest for prolonged continuous c550 usage. I've used a c500 for the past 15 months and love it, however even with the battery issue yet unresolved completely, I am very hbappy with the performance of the new c550. The screen is really excellent, + I for one am willing to sacrifice a little battery life for the qvga screen. I also agree that the phone seems to respond a little slower, but again I think the functionality of the new joystick makes up for it.
  4. $38 later... works perfect. thanks for the link. -diem to all other USA customers... if you're buying this phone from overseas, be sure to ask fo r an ORANGE SIM card in order to save $40. if I had any orange sim card I could have unlocked it for free.
  5. e-bay special. I think I'll just go ahead and pay for the unlock, I did it once before without problems. too bad, would have been nice to save £20
  6. i just received a c550 in the mail + am going about trying to unlock it so I can use it with t-mobile in the USA. my first obvious problem is that I don't have an orange sim card so I can't run the .cabfile from the phone. is there a workaround that I can fun from the pc?? second (perhaps first) how can I app unlock the phone from the USA. I'm certain that I canot use the orage website to do this, since I'm not on therir network. ay suggestions / help? thank you, diem
  7. I'm in the USA and just received a c550 + I'm trying to unblock it, but I'm obviously missign something. I think I know the problem, but I'd like to confirm.. do I need a working orange sim card to unlock the phone? do i need to be in the UK for the orangews. app unlock feature to work? is there a site that I can pay to unlock my c550, (like i had to do last year with my c500) in case it doesnt work? thanks diem
  8. I've been following the MPx220 discussions fairly closely, and was surprised to find this... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ssPageName=WDVW in australia for $3500 AU I bought the MPx200 a few weeks ago and now plan on returning it to ATT during their 30day trial period, after uncovering several poor inconsistancies ( volume level, voce dialing, no bluetooth, no camera etc..) I'm holding out for the MPx220 -bkdiem
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