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  1. Hi,can you help me?

    Hello everybody. My HTC HD2 just arrived and after my first boot I installed IGO 2008. The program installed ok but if I want to run it, it's closeing after first loading screen. If I want to run it again an error message apares: "Previous instance of IGO8 has not finished exiting yet.Please try again in a few seconds or soft-reset your device". I tried to i...

  2. Speaking abaut the omnia i have it to, but "my storage" is 1 thing, and internal memory is other. Omnia have: ROM memory, internal memory (that is the same as htc), My Storage (that is like a hard disk of pc) AND finaly sd card HTC: Rom, internal and sd memory. Any program that you install need internal memory, you can install in my storage or sd card, the program need internal space for some shortcuts that hi's do. sorry my english
  3. 1) All htc wm phones have low memory, but is not a problem, i have installed many programs and igo8 that nee Get True 5 Mega pixel Resolution When 8M internal memory and now i have 120M of memory, i buy 16G microSD, i'm fine now. 2)Enable Hidden Owner Info in Settings\Personal Folder Go to HKLM\ControlPanel\Owner and change Hide from 1 to 0 and then reset. You can now enter your name you want to register old apps. 3)Using Camera To get 5MP instead of 4MP resolution when using your camera, you must switch off Widescreen mode in the 'Advanced' Menu. * Normal screen = 2592 x 1944 pixels = 5,038,848 pixels = 5MP * Widescreen = 2592 x 1552 pixels = 4,022,784 pixels = 4MP Get Better Video Quality When Using Camera Use MPEG format instead of H.263 for better quality video output. This option can be found by going to the Advanced Setting from the Video Settings menu. Once there, go to Capture Format and change format if necessary. 4) Use coreplayer 5) That is multitouch, you don't need stylus (iphone owners know :D) 6) Tips to Improve Typing Accuracy on Keyboard Tap each key very lightly and watch the keyboard as you type each letter. Don't watch the suggested words that pop up. Type at a moderate pace. Don't rush. Try the Align Screen option in the Settings/System/Screen menu. Don't press hard. Press as light as physically possible - barely touching the screen and wait at each crosshair until it moves. If you are right handed, for the middle and two right most crosshairs use your right thumb and for the left two most crosshairs use your left thumb. If you were holding the phone with both hands and wanted to touch something on the extreme left of screen you would use your left thumb would you? Also, turn on Spell Correction in Touch Input options. See Xda, you can find anything there, and don't blame the phone before know how to use. Ah....sorry bad english :D
  4. Is not the wmdc problem. I have the latest update to this. I think is software update that run only with 32bit. Or is not compatible with windows 7. Only way to flash is Grand Prix. Is working fine with w7. Thank's anyway.
  5. Same in Italy I pay it 599€ in 2008 :)
  6. Settings, personal, input, input method, options, language: select what you wont, done
  7. You have to change the settings in IGO Go to menu of igo, settings, device, here you have the igo backlight or something like this, and probably you have option "use sistem device settings", you have to change this seting to "backlight active" or "economy backlight"
  8. I know what you meen. I have to explain the second time? in my ppc i have only WINRAR and if the extention is .zip i see the rar file. Aniway is a Arhive. The important thing of the man that have the problem is if this files exist in hims folder. I dont think that this polemic is useful for him. Sorry english, and............ good night!
  9. in my phone is showing rar i dont have zip, i have only winrar is beter. Anyway hi understant the point. ;)
  10. Change your topic name. Radio Rom is for htc devices. For omnia is called Phone part. And is not a Rom is part of Rom. Anyway good topic. And thanck's, is usefull.
  11. for omnia is not called RADIO ROM, this is for HTC devices. for omnia is called PHONE and this meen you signal operator your gps reciever.
  12. NavNGo and iGo is the same software, is called NavNGo iGO, the diferrens is at the first is was called iGO 6 for example i used it in 2006, and with new software version 8, its called NavNGO iGO version 8.0 and 8.3 that is the newer, i use Maybe Navigon, that is other thing. For me igo is the best.
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