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  1. MX Player actually play .avi but not sure why it does not play on yours.
  2. Wifi-Direct will allowed us to transfer files between #Samsung #Galaxy Note, S3 and S2 at a faster rate. Better than Bluetooth. #fb

  3. I use to be able to upgrade on Custom Roms. Recently I wanted to try the Win Mobile 6.5 but would not get to do so due to this error. It will always give me a error No PDA Device found and later it will boot up? Anyway to resolve this problem?
  4. I am not sure why I was unable to install on my Omnia. Always give me installation unsuccessful.
  5. Omnia is reliable and I have bought phones in Singapore and sent to Australia for my blog subscribers or ppl that contact me over the internet. It is a choice up to u. Catch My Omnia Blog>>>
  6. I have got it working on my Omnia running offical firmware DZHK3. Get the Manila 2D here>>>
  7. My suggestion is to use United Kingdom Firmware. Get it from the Samsung Omnia Website and you can get the link by visiting it below. By the way which country are u residing in? Upgrade Omnia Firmware
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