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  1. For SALE: 1. IPAQ 3975 (with Bluetooth) *SOLD* - With Micro Thumb Keyboard, - Eagletec 802.11b WiFi CF Card, - Battery Expansion with CF Slot. Not brand new but excellent condition. For more info about the item, you can check this link: http://www.pocketpcmag.com/_archives/Jan03/ipaq.asp?404=was 2. Acer TravelMate C100 Tablet PC *SOLD* - Pentium III 800 - 128 MB Memory - 30GB HDD - Extra Battery - Bag - PCMCIA 802.11b For more info about the item, you can check Acer Website at http://www.acersupport.com/notebook/html/t...0_tabletpc.html Just PM if you are interested.
  2. Probably the one who upgraded your phone to WM2003 might be able to help you. Possibly, if they have the upgrade files, they have the downgrade files too.
  3. Hi there, I would like to ask if BrightPoint still entertains claiming of SAP warranty. May nakapagsabi kasi sa akin na sa Smart na raw at di na pwedeng dumiretso sa kanila. Smart na lang daw ang mag-eendorse sa BP. Is this true?
  4. Hi Mar, May idea ka ba kung magkano sa Taiwan? Last two week ago, nagpunta ako ng Taipei. I asked my friends there, pero di nila alam yung DOPOD 565 o kahit yung Voyager. Tinanong ko na nga rin kung alam nila yung HTC. Di rin nila alam. Kala ko nga may mabibili akong Smartphone don. Sayang! Anyway, hintayin na lang namin info from you.
  5. Meron kaya dito na may kakilala sa SMART na pwedeng mag-offer sa atin ng Voyager?
  6. For Sale: Brand New Smart Amazing Phone (Tanager), sealed box with complete accessories. (Never been opened and used) Price: Php13,000.00 If interested, please call Roy at 09178132795.
  7. Hi, What OS do you use? Windows NT Workstation, XP Pro or Windows 2000 Pro? Anyway, any of these OSes will require admin rights to your local PC for you to install any application. If you can logon locally to your PC and if you are the admin of that PC, not the network, then there should be no problem. In case you are not the administrator or a user with admin rights for that PC, you really need to get the login name and password used in the installation of the OS. If you use Windows 9x to logon to network and you can't install an application, the possibility is that your computer is restricted by your administrator using System Policy Editor or other third party apps. Basically, company restrictions are initiated when you logon to your network. I hope this helps.
  8. Lagot, bawal yung offline version. he he he Di ko kabisado keys and tricks but you can try at www.level-up-games.com. :D
  9. I think the singer is Mr. William Hung. You may download the video though it was in his audition at American Idol. The site is www.idolonfox.com. I have also seen his MTV of "She Bangs" but I don't know where to get it.
  10. Swap your complete Nokia 6510 + 5.5K cash with my complete Smart Amazing Phone. Interested? Just PM me.
  11. Yup, but take note na iba ang front cover sa screen or window (LCD cover) na may tatak na SMART. Yung upper blue cover na may silver part sa keypad ang front cover sabi ng CSR ng BP. Yung screen ay 450 pesos kung papalitan mo. Di ito covered ng warranty. Madali lang. One hour ang repair. Iwan mo lang then mamasyal ka muna sa Cubao. Di mo na mapapansin yung isang oras na lumipas. ;) By the way, ang matagal e yung pagpila for repair and claim if maraming tao. @Bragol, Front cover ba pinapalitan mo o yung screen? There is a possibility na kaya napalitan yung front cover ko (actually walang sira yon) e sila ang nakadamage. Pwede kasing magasgasan sa pag-repair.
  12. Free lahat just because of my call keys and soft keys. :D
  13. Yehey, bago na naman SAP ko. Di lang soft and call keys ang napalitan, pati switchboard(na actually napalitan na before), record button and front cover. Tingin ko, dependent yung ibang parts sa soft and call keys. Bow ako sa BP, they made me very happy! ;)
  14. Yung sa camera apps, may nakagawa yata ng paraan sa kabilang forum.
  15. Thanks. Padulasin ko lang pala thumb ko sa call keys, bakbak na. :) Thanks uli.
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