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  1. Also on my third. The first had an issue with the glass where it scratched incredibly easily... we're talking ridiculous care taken to look after it but it somehow still managed to get several(!) scratches on the screen. The earpiece also came unstuck on the bottom. The second had a serious issue with the double sided tape holding the earpiece down. There were 0 problems with the display. The third is my current unit, it has major problems with reception which I have tested on O2 and my current network T-mobile. T-mobile now also shares the orange network so if anything reception should be exceptional. For comparison purposes my Galaxy S has zero problems in this area on the same network and in the same location. The Streak has shown the random vibrating uncontrollably and it has failed to activate the screen after unlocking (requiring removal of the battery) on more than one occasion. The screen seems fine (toughness) but the earpiece is creaking which was the precursor to the problems I had with the earpiece plastic on the last two handsets. The first 2 were from O2 the last was from Dell direct and I will be contacting Dell to see if they can sort out the reception issue. I can live with the creaking etc but if the phone (repeatedly) fails to load web pages it is of no use to me. Regarding build quality, the second and third phone are of infinitely better quality than the first although they all show that too much pressure is being applied to the LCD under the gorilla glass and all have the issue of the earpiece coming unstuck, although the third phone has only just developed this problem after 2 months gentle use while the others had it more or less from new. EDIT: If there was an alternative to the Streak from HTC then I would probably consider getting that instead at this point. Not because I don't like the Dell.. I do, but as much as I like it, it's no good having a phone if I can't use it.
  2. The included item is now correctly shown as the car kit instead of the premium case however the price is still too low (£449 instead of £479) so you are getting the car kit for free. If you were considering this anyway then now is a great time to order one but be quick!
  3. I'm sure many of you are aware that the prices on the dell.co.uk website have been jumping up and down since launch. From the reduction of accessory prices, the addition of Streak bundles (Travel and Media) and apparent accidental Streak discount (£416.04 for about 12hrs) prices have certainly not been static. At the moment if you try to buy the 'Travel package' described as the Dell Streak + car you'll notice that it currently costs £449 instead of the actual price of £479. If you pay close attention though you will also notice that the offer does NOT place the travel bundle in your cart but instead adds the Streak + the premium wallet (shown as an offer). So for a limited time, until Dell realize their mistake and presumably introduce the bundle properly at the correct price, you can get a Streak plus premium wallet for the price of a Streak on its own. The wallet then is 'free'. These mistakes do tend to be caught quickly though and there's no guarantee that your order will be processed but it's a nice bundle if you want the premium case and you've nothing to lose by trying! Lets hope dell.co.uk do a Streak + all accessories bundle at the £449 price or lower in the near future :) EDIT changed title
  4. Bit of thread necro I know but has anybody made any progress along these lines yet? Or have we as a community hit a brick wall when it comes to upgrading the internal SD card due to the issues already presented within this thread or perhaps something else entirely?
  5. Sorry everything is now gone. Thank you for taking the time to respond though.
  6. Sounds like the problem here is the headphones :)
  7. Sorry I should've said that I'm in the UK :) I'll update the main post now.
  8. I will be listing these on eBay if they don't sell on the forums, I am based in the UK. 2 x Streak battery 1 New and never been used 1 used but in mint as new condition (same condition as the new one except it has been stored in the Streak for a few days :D ) 2x Dell Streak 30-pin USB 2.0 Charging and Synchronizing Cable 1 New never been removed from the packaging or used. It is still covered in protective plastic wrap and sealed in the plastic bag it arrived in. 1 Used but in mint as new condition. Same condition as the unused cable but without the sticky plastic on it. I can provide more info on request and photos of the items if needed, they are all genuine dell and are exactly the same as the items you get with a new UK Dell Streak :) EDIT: added location info EDIT: Thank you to everyone who contacted me, the accessories have now all been sold.
  9. Ahh you could but would you be able to describe it as "automotive-grade paint finish"? :(
  10. Oddly, selecting the bundles and taking the order to checkout just adds a (Carbon only) Streak to your basket with a price of £459 + £20 delivery. There is zero mention of any accessories being added to the order and this problem is further compounded by the Streak model selection page. On the model selection page the two bundles are described incorrectly as well, the media bundle says: Dell Streak - Home AV Discover new places with Google’s turn-by-turn voice navigation & Streak’s built-in GPS device While the travel bundle says: Dell Streak - Car kit Watch your movies or TV shows in stunning detail on a 5-inch high-def screen or use home dock station. So if you are thinking of buying then I would wait for further clarification from Dell on exactly what is included in the bundles! Now I don't know whether to get the Red or Carbon :(
  11. Buy a Dell Streak in 'magical' RED or carbon black, Carbon also available as part of a multimedia or travel bundle. Here at dell.co.uk
  12. You get charged the £49 admin fee as soon as you take out the credit agreement, this is not added to the amount of credit you get and actually needs to be paid using some other source of funds. Then if you pay it off within 12months you also pay a £10 early repayment fee, so the minimum extra payment for this credit agreement is £59 as WilhemlmsBrick said. There are no regular payments to make within the 12month period, you simply need to settle in full before your 12months is up. If you fail to pay the full amount within 12months you will start incurring interest at a very high rate. The offer was due to end yesterday though and I can't see it on the site anymore.
  13. My main concerns about the build quality of the streak are the way the plastic is stuck down on either end of the screen and how much pressure is on the LCD beneath the protective gorilla glass. I worry that the double sided tape wont last and 6 months down the road we'll all be complaining of loose and creaking plastic where it is coming unstuck. Regarding the pressure on the LCD, there really is no point using Gorilla glass if any force applied to it is going to be transferred directly to the LCD below anyway. If anything as we have seen the Gorilla glass on top will survive but because it transfers the force of an impact to the LCD the LCD will suffer ie break. On both the Streaks I had the LCD would ripple when I pressed on the glass around the edges and as the reviewer mentioned in the engadget US review this is a potential problem. On my Galaxy S pressing on the Glass hard produces no distortion of the screen at all, because the glass does not transfer the pressure to the display and this is the way it should be on the Streak if the Gorilla glass is expected to provide any protection to the LCD underneath. I remain hopeful that I'm just being pessimistic about these two areas of the Streak but based on my own experience and the chatter about the Streak on forums like this one it looks as though my concerns are not unrealistic.
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