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  1. I'd seen this for P9 Lite and was tempted however I want to keep Android Pay working so don't want to root really or mess with system files if it disables this.
  2. Very good guide Paul. Decided it's probably more a side step than an upgrade from my X Play...
  3. Frankish

    Three Stores

    None on display yet I thought it was available from the 12th? I didn't bother asking as I hate being hassled in those shops.
  4. Same old negative glossywhite.
  5. That's wrong because I can write to system when fully booted.
  6. Well done mate. Fancy doing a build for the Moto X Play now too ha ha. That's an SD615 device too.
  7. I use es file explorer and first mount system partition as writable before making the changes. It sounds to me like maybe that step wasn't done in your case. I wasn't knocking what you have done its just an alternative method. If it works and helps others then its great.
  8. Change it manually in build.prop?
  9. I don't understand all this about system being protected. I've modified build.prop and deleted system files and disabled boot animation. This all survives multiple reboots..
  10. I replied on xda. Download and install stock Portuguese rom.
  11. Wow there really are a lot of reviews saying the play has lags and software problems. Hopefully can be sorted with a software update for them... And us.
  12. It claims to be in cache\fota but I couldn't find it.
  13. Didn't realise they have amended the website now says it ships with 5.0.
  14. I'd definitely keep trying. Might even send a cheeky mail to the CEO about the false advertising. He doesn't reply but someone in his office does.
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