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    common problem apparently - but due to Windows Mobile (and BBC not supporting it) rather than due to HD itself B)
  2. My HD got to Rusden at 3:30pm today. And to 'hub 3' at 7:30pm I'm just hoping that hub 3 is somewhere between Rushden and South Wales... B) B)
  3. I think I'm going mad... B) I'll get my coat right now B) thank you confucious B)
  4. sadly, this has been bugging me in the back of my mind since posting this... How could I have ended up paying quite so much extra over the expansys / T-Mobile deal??? Then I woke up this morning and realised what I'd done! B) No - it's not that I've blindlt signed up to a mega expensive deal... I just can't use a calculator properly LOL (d'oh) (18 x £40) + £50 is of course £690, not £770 as I posted above. Apologies for any confusion caused - I had done (18 x £45) + £50, with the Panther 45 deal normally being £45, but I got it for £40. Sorry!
  5. TTDegs

    HD on Orange

    ask me again on Monday when it gets here B) But apparently not. SIM locked and Orange logo on the back plus maybe added a dedicated orange link, but nothing removed B)
  6. As as long time customer of Orange (though with fairly low bills), I just called them and went for a new 18 month contract - not upgrade as such... Panther 45 = 1200 mins, 500 texts, unlimited land line calls, 18 month contract for £40 per month. handset price £50. And as a deal breaker B) they upped the data usage to fully unlimited B) (1Gb per month) total cost = £770, so I'm pretty happy with that as O2 and T-mob coverage is rubbish round here B)

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