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  1. Can someone post a Digital Frame cab? Thank you!
  2. I give 50$ if someone port Sense 2.5 to Omnia II, fast and bugless as in HD2...
  3. Tic tac, Still waiting... badword Samsung opengl drivers...
  4. I hope one day we`re going to have an awesome opengl driver and full ram capacity to run Sense... Unless this, Samsung will continue to lose users to HD2... Sense 2.5 runs smoothly in TouchPro II, why not in O2?
  5. Great Rom, fast as a bullet, but I found an error... When you activate TOUCHWIZ the start menu doesnt work, it says "Error opening the shortcut or locating the target filename" Another thing: Could you please allow front camera to take pictures? Again, great rom, hope to see an ultra lite soon!
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