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  1. Hi all, Just want to vent my dissatisfaction... Firstly, I would say that the Vodafone agent was polite. I am now 14 months into my 12 month contract and I had waited the extra 2 months before upgrading because of the HD2. I called up Vodafone Upgrades this evening and the best upgrade they could offer me on the HD2 was: - £34.26 line rental, 600minutes, Unlimited SMS, Unlimited Mobile Internet + £13.68 one off payment. Looked ok until I checked Vodafone website and for £35.00 a month, I could get the HD2 with 900 minutes with similar unlimited SMS and internet. That means a new customer will get 300 minutes extra even though I have been a customer paying £40 a month for the last 14 months. So much for the value of being a loyal customer. My next decision was to go for the cheapest SIM only offer because I wanted to retain my current Vodafone number. (I would buy the HD2 as a new contract and wanted to minimise the cost at keeping my current number.) Vodafone Upgrades managed a bit better here: - £9.79 a month, 30 day SIM only, with 500 SMS. Looking at the Vodafone website, a new customer will have to pay more than an upgrading customer this time. But only by 3p as this SIM only package will cost £10.00. In both these instances, I told Vodafone that as a current customer looking for an upgrade, I was ... being rubbished! Vodafone said that they valued me and was keen to keep as a customer but they could not offer me any upgrade that was significantly better the what was on their website. Vodafone... I am disappointed! From this discussion, I can deduce that Vodafone values their upgrading customers by offering them worthless discounts and poorer packages than any new customer. Can anyone out there suggest how I may get a better deal on my upgrade?

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